Famous riffs

Two riffs you’ve probably heard on multiple occasions, famous enough to have their own Wikipedia entries:

The Oriental Riff

The Italian Riff

What are some other famous/popular riffs?

Mysterioso Pizzicato: the villain riff.

There’s a place in France
Where the ladies do a dance.

Sad trombone.

Enter Sandman Riff, now with [del]hot young chick[/del] attractive young woman. (FF to 24 sec.)

Aka the Streets of Cairo, the Arabian riff.

The Amen Break.

Smoke on the Water?

I started to post this guitar cover of Smoke On The Water earlier but figured I’d already stretched the OP’s intent as far as conscionable. But since you opened the door…Smoke On The Water (same girl).

And here’s a split screen of the previous clip of Enter Sandman combined with a female drummer in what appears to be white negligee. Despite its more prurient aspects, it’s a pretty cool video.

Here are a few that may expand on the notion of riff too much for this thread, but some really classy intros nevertheless:

The Doors - Riders On the Storm
Money - Pink Floyd
Barrett Strong - Money
What'd I Say by Ray Charles

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown

Intermission Riff

Shave and a Haircut (two bits)

Jacques Offenbach - Orphée aux enfers - “the French can-can riff”, starting at 8:26

Pat und Patachon - Whirlwind - “old timey hijinx music” as evoked in Teresa Brewer’s nostalgic 1950 hit (Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! and the 1-minute mark of this Homestar Runner song. As far as I can google because there is surprisingly little about them in English on the web, Fyrtaarnet and Bivognen (known as Pat und Patachon and Germany, Long and Short in Britain) were a Danish comedy duo popular in the 1920s, a sort of European Laurel and Hardy. What I can’t figure out is whether this music originates from one of their movies or what.

Position your mouse over the link, close your eyes and click. You’ll recognize this immediately.

The “I’m going to get your wife” riff.

I always called that the “Bugs Bunny sneaking up on someone” riff.

As long as we’re on the subject of Looney Tunes, both parts of this were used in those cartoons:

Entrance of the Gladiators

aka the circus/clown riff.

Here’s the riff they play whenever I make an entrance.

Music to spin plates by.

The Spy Theme

Oy Vey

The drummer is Meytal. My youngest son thinks she’s the best cover drummer on the planet.