Famous Triplets...

… or quadruplets, quintuplets, etc.

I’m sure we can all think of some famous, successful or historically significant people who are/were a twin. But how about triplets or higher? I’m looking for examples who are not famous for the sake of being a triplet, but for some other talent or method of gaining fame. The Dionne quintuplets, for example, were famous for being quintuplets. I’m not talking about them, unless one of them became a Nobel Prize winner, etc.

Do these guys count?

Wikipedia has a list of “notable” triplets, though most of them seem to be either pretty obscure, or sets who had minor fame as performers, models, or child actors.

The one person on the list whom I’ve heard of, and whose fame doesn’t seem to be intrinsically tied to being a triplet, is the late Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

Do these guys count?

Of course not. They are only famous for being triplets.

I hadn’t heard she’d died. Are you certain? You must be mistaken.:mad:

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But as an aside, the “five stages of grief” are something that just about everybody gets wrong. As Kübler-Ross originally proposed them, they don’t apply to grieving someone else’s death, but to coming to terms with one’s own.

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The Dahm Triplets were in Playboy in Dec 1998. They continued regular modeling for several years.

The Dahm triplets also appeared in several TV programs. The Wiki link gives details.

These triplets are more famous for finding each other after being separated and adopted by three different families at birth. What are the odds of that happening?

Not only was this already mentioned in the very first response, they are only famous for being triplets.

There was a set of Estonian triplets who ran the Olympic marathon a couple of years ago. They didn’t finish particularly high, but they all did legitimately qualify which isn’t too bad.

But, again, that’s a set of triplets whose fame (such as it was) was largely a product of the fact that they were triplets, as it sounds like they usually, if not always, appeared as a set of three.

I don’t think anyone will match what the OP is looking for exactly. The thing is, no one is famous JUST for being triplets. There are far more sets of triplets who aren’t famous than who are. The ones I linked were famous for being part of an unethical clandestine experiment. Being triplets rather than just twins only added to the attention. It’s also highly unlikely that any set of triplets would become independently famous without it being known they were triplets soon enough for that to affect the amount of attention they get.

Near as I can tell, the only triplets born into celebrity families are Richard Thomas’s three daughters, and Ringo Starr’s three grandchildren (by his daughter Lee).

I interpreted the OP a little differently – it sounded to me like he was looking for examples of people who are famous / well-known for some reason, who also happen to be a member of a multiple birth sibling group (a triplet / quadruplet / etc.), and the fact that that person is a triplet (or whatever) isn’t germane to their fame. It didn’t sound to me like the OP was necessarily looking for the entire sibling group to be famous.

Too soon?

Exactly. Thanks for clarifying.