Fans of 10.5, gather 'round!

Remember 10.5? I know I do! Who could forget that acting? The beautiful cinematography? The science behind it all? Ah, good times! Who doesn’t love a good made for TV disaster movie, right? I’d go so far as to say that 10.5 is the best Worst Movie Ever.

Until now.

Friends, I give you Category 6: Day of Destruction. Program your TiVO, folks! It looks like NBC’s 10.5 might have some competition here! Jo from “Facts of Life”, Cousin Eddie, the shrink from that baseball movie with that one dude and, of course, Brian Dennehy. With a cast like that, how can they go wrong?!

:counting down until 11/14: This is gonna be so fun!

I giggled. It’s been a while since I giggled. But reading the synopses of Category 6 made me giggle.

Like a power outage will stop Midwesterners from being warned about emergency weather. As if radio stations don’t have back up generators and people threw all their radio batteries into the Great Lakes.

But, wait, you have to get the power up, because that will save the people from a Category 6!

Yep, just like electricity can save buildings on the shore during a category 5 hurricance or just like electricity can save buildings during a category 5 tornado. Yep, get the power on quick, that’ll save everyone during a category 6. (this is where I giggled, cause, they’re just screwed)


I’m writing the next made for TV disaster movie: Farenheit Negative Hundred Fifty!

Oh, whatever. I know you guys are busting out of your socks in anticipation for this movie. Don’t be ashamed to admit it! The 10.5 thread went on for three pages. You can’t pretend now that you aren’t interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

moriah, I’m so on board with that. Let me know if you need a cinematographer. I’ve no training and no experience, but I can shake a camera with the best of them. Or maybe I could star in it. Again, I’ve no training or experience but, really, these movie don’t need good actors to make it. We already know that. :smiley:

Ya know, we need DisasterDope: In 3-D!. Really.

We can start with this movie. It looks suitably putrid. :smiley: