Fans of Lucasarts X-Wing: Game help appreciated

I’ve been playing through this game for the last couple weeks and I’ve beaten the first two Tours of Duty. I’m looking forward to the Battle of Yavin at the end of the Tour.

Unfortunatly, that might be a while. I’ve made it to Mission 3 of Tour 3 and I’m stuck.

According to the briefing, A transport full of Imperial Military advisors, who may be attached to the Death Star Project has been disabled in space and my job is to guard the transport until it can be captured and recovered.

I’m in a Y-wing with two wingmen. There’s also 3 X-wings helping with security. A couple minutes into the mission, 6 assualt gunboats arrive. I start to work on those. I can usally kill two or three before the transport is captured by a Rebel shuttle. Around that time, both a Rebel Frigate(to recover the transport) and a Star Destoryer arrive. A couple imperial transports start popping out of hyperspace(one at a time) and going after the captured ones.

Two things always end up happening. I either get destoryed or I get the imfamous “Transport destoryed” I’ve got one goal in this mission and I can never actually accomplish it.

I’ve only found one mission guide on the internet and it only covers some of the missions from the first three tours(not including this one). In fact, I’ve started writing my own guide just because I’m annoyed by the huge gaps in the one I have.

I’d appreciate any help on beating this mission(though by now, I kind of wish I could either skip it or pull a Kirk and somehow figure out how to either increase the speed or shields of the transport to buy me more time).

Oh, I’m playing the Win95 edition so I can’t clone myself and put them in the ships of my wingmen.

Man I loved that game. Allow me to consult my Official Strategy Guide. All 400+ pages.

I have two pieces of advice. Fly better.


My first look at the mission tells me the best strategy is to destroy all but one of each wave of enemies. Disable the last member and leave him be. That way the next wave wont enter allowing your comrades to complete the mission.
Let me spoiler what’s happening because it’s peekinginto the guts of the mission.

I can spoil it for you if you like. That is tell you the precise orders of all involved.

As you can see I was originally going to give you everything but changed my mind.

I came back to say the one thing I forgot to. You will need to order your wingmen to ignore the disabled targets. If they can’t seem to do that tell them to leave and do the whole thing yourself.


What I did was to not destroy the gunboats but as soon as I knocked their shields down I disabled them with Ion cannons. Then went back for kills later.

I’m not sure but I remember one mission in a Y-Wing, (or the DEATH TRAPS as I call them) and I basically parked myself between where fighters spawned and something I was protecting. This let me charge shields and guns at a decent rate. Since the Y-wings cannons are so close together you can zap the Tie Fightes as the fly at you in formation pretty easily. Maybe getting two and the then and you knock out the third and then park again.

Go ahead and spoil. I’m so sick of that mission I just want to get it over with.

Thank you, everyone who helped me out with this. I finally finished the damn mission, using the disable “cheat”.

Does the happy dance

This is one of the reasons I sometimes HATE escort missions! And while I’m usually againest torture, for all the troubles they caused me, I hope Rebel Intelligence takes those captured Imperial Military advisors and hook their balls to a car battery.

I really do like this game, I just get really frusterated at times. What’s really wierd is that I could swear that one one attempt, the Star Destoryer was throwing TIE Bombers at me, but I haven’t seen them since. Maybe I just got them confused.

That was easily the single hardest stage in the game. So difficult, in fact, that in certain versions of the game it is greatly simplified so people can get through it. As I recall the original floppy disk release had the brutal one, the CD-ROM release had the easier version, and the enhanced one from a few years later was back to the impossible…

Heh, guess you don’t need it now. But there are some enemies which will attack only you and your pals, others designed to attack other groups like the transport you want to capture. Sometimes knowing that greatly simplifies things.

I recommend you buy the stratgey guide. It’s not just a strategy guide but also an EU novel about this guy, Farlander. You get to read an impassioned speach by Mon Mothma. A dangerous pamphlet called “A Call To Reason.” A Pilot’s handbook.

You then can read how Farlander handled each mission. Some of which have little spoiler fields that you can ignore or not. As well as a few designer notes showing how they screwed some stuff up. A stolen report meant for Darth Vader on Imperial and Rebel ship specifications. And finally a precise breakdown of every group in each mission. What they do, how many waves they are and so forth.

They did the same thing with TIE Fighter. Just nab a used copy from somewhere online for a few bucks. Well worth it.

I’ve found these are the worst in most space-flight-sims. Thing is, the AI “allies” are bone stupid, and it’s often nigh-impossible to actually safeguard your target. Add that to the fact that some games have AI that is remarkable stupid up until you start chasing it, then becomes Mr. Super-Hot-Rod, and you have a very bad situation.

I’ve noticed that in some missions, how some enemies will only attack you, leaving the ship you are protecting alone.

Any interesting designer notes you remember?

If I can find a cheap copy, I’ll pick it up.

Well my old Windows 3.1 computer died about 8 years ago and I haven’t played since then so no. There was one for this mission though. “Your Y-Wing compatriots will be stuck with either ion cannons or blasters depending on what they begin the mission with.”

Hmm, I leafed through an other then a mistake they made in giving orders for Tour 3, op 8 that appears to be it. The condition for victory was the Priam must be boarded, whereas it should have been “must be recovered.” I supose this means you can destroy the Priam after your team boards it. A Frigate is 4000 points. Might be worth frying your allies to get those point.
It’s not surprising there’s so few, it’s a great game.

Agreed. TIE Fighter is better, but that just says more about what a Great Company Lucasarts used to be.

I haven’t played X-Wing Alliance, so I don’t know how it fits in.

The only other game that comes close is Crimson Skies.

It must be, considering I’m up to Mission 8 since beating that mission last night. So either that one was very hard or the ones since then have been somewhat easy to compensate.

And I never realized just how willing the Rebels were to Kidnap people, particulary for being the “Good guys”. The beginning of the 3rd tour is mostly people being kidnapped by the Alliance. Granted, they’re working with the Empire, but I’m sure that’s a lot of comfort to their family when they learn that these people have been abducted by leftist terrorists.