Fantastic Band

I saw a CD at the store tonight by Crackling Fireplace, formerly The Matches. They were pretty good until several of the (m)embers burned out.

Moving this to Cafe Society since it’s about a band.

And a mod gets whooshed. :smiley:

They were really hot until someone threw water on them at a concert.

They could use some motivation. Get 'em fired up again.

Well, they all smoke and three of them have TB. A couple of the others shoot up.

This cracked me up.


Some of them used to be in a group called Various Artists.

Yeah, but others used to be members of James Brown’s Famous Flames, till they got fired.

Maybe they just need something to spark their creativity. That’ll get ‘em cookin’ again!

Well, then someone will just try to put them out.

One of their most popular tunes is Great Balls of Fire.

Burnin’ Love.
Light My Fire.

I forget the (m)embers names. Does anybody remember them?

The drummer used to be a guy named Stoker but he died. I don’t know who the new guy is. :dubious:

Ronnie Wood’s little brother? Didn’t he die too? Dead Wood?