Fantasy Baseball-- the home stretch

Well, my league-- and I imagine many others-- are in the last of the regular season this week.

I vaulted into second place after last week, up from sixth. I don’t think I can catch the first place team, but it would be nice to have a first week bye as my team can be very hit-or-miss.

How’s your team doing?

After a long struggle, I finally pulled into first in a very competitive 12 team mixed league. The gap between first and fourth is only 3 points.

Every time a fantasy season winds to an end, I usually learn a lesson from it. This year from baseball, I learned that I can’t draft ERA and WHIP for shit. And it might cost me two championships.

In the aformentioned league, I started the year with Sheets (coming off the DL tonight), Schilling (dropped when he hit the DL), Schmidt (ditto), Burnett (ditto, picked him when he came back) and Bush (just a disaster). Next year, I’m going to find a new system to rank my starting pitchers.

So how am I winning? Russell Martin with the 199th pick, Alex Rios with the 138th, Tori Hunter with the 114th and free agent adds of Polanco, Upton and Braun.

In conclusion, offense good. Pitching bad (except saves where I’m first).

Yeah, I’m in the exact same pitching boat. No matter how hard I try to keep my ERA and WHIP low, I friggin’ can’t. I’m strong in strikeouts, wins and (especially) saves, though.

I actually drafted Upton this year, cuz last year a guy I work with is in a keeper league and told me Upton is the next big thing.

Wow, no one else plays fantasy baseball?