2012 Fantasy Baseball - general discussion

I know it’s a bit early, Pitchers and Catchers haven’t even reported yet, but I am excited and I saw the Big League thread go up so I figure, what the heck.

Fantasy Baseball 2012! What does everyone think? Who are the rising stars, who were the flashes in the pan? Will Matt Kemp continue to be awesome or regress? Is Ryan Braun worth drafting even if he gets suspended? Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera at 3B?

When mock draft areas open up I figure we can all talk about draft our various mocks in here too.

Let’s talk.

Kemp is very likely to regress. That looked like a career year.

With 3B eligibility, Cabrera might be the top FF player right now. 3B is very weak overall (only catcher is worse) and with Prince in the lineup, his RBI and walks might go up further.

I have no idea how Hanley will do this year, nor how much he will cost in my auction league.

Hanley was my toughest decision this off-season. And I think I probably screwed it up letting him go. We can keep 3 players (as well as two with low service time, but that doesn’t apply here) and I kept Bautista, Kinsler, and Verlander and let Hanley go… I was just so mad at him for costing me what should have been a decent shot at a title last season.

Someone want to reassure me that Kinsler has more value going into next season than Hanley (it’s a OBP and SLG league rather than BA)? Or that keeping a pitcher over a position player is ever a good idea?

And was I crazy for giving more than a moment’s thought to keeping Napoli just because C is so crappy?

Well, then I’m doubly crazy, because I will almost certainly keep Napoli for the same reason (also - in this league, keepers cost you last years auction price plus $5, and he was only $6 last year - $11 for a catcher who will probably go for $20+ is sort of a no-brainer).

Sporting News rates both Kinsler and Ramirez at $33. I probably would have kept Ramirez, but at least Kinsler is unlikely to have mental lapses and blowups. It’s close enough that you could go either way.

If I were you, I’d consider trading Verlander before the season starts. His value will never be higher, and he looked over the top during the postseason.

Oh yeah, if there were costs associated with keepers I have no doubt Napoli would have been kept. But this is a non-auction league with a hard cap of 3 keepers, so cost/value wasn’t really a factor.

For me the deciding factor for Kinsler was the known of Arlington vs. the unknown of the new Marlins park. I can trust Kinsler’s projections a bit more that I can Hanley’s (especially when you consider the unknown effects of the position change). Although I’m sure this will end up being the year Kinsler’s injury bug comes back.

That’s a good idea on Verlander - maybe I can get somebody to flip me a keeper + pick for him… off to troll the league rosters…

I’ve been doing a lot of mock drafts on ESPN and Yahoo the past few days. I often wonder if I’m placing too much emphasis on players with multiple position eligibility? I tend to always end up drafting players like Michael Young and Michael Cuddyear because I assume it is always an advantage to be able to shift players around with injuries, days off, and rainouts.

Does this strategy make sense for roto leagues?

It really depends on the size of your bench and/or transaction limits, not to mention your league’s positional settings. It’s always better than not to have the flexibility, of course, but I wouldn’t reach because of it. The 1B/OF eligibility seems particularly useless most years (just my gut feeling, no stats or logic).

No, it doesn’t. Position flexibility is one of the most overrated and overvalued traits in fantasy baseball. Even in a very deep league, you should place far more trust in your abilities to field a complete team, make smart acquisitions and make trades during the year to fill any gaps. A few late-round utility guys to fill in gaps during days off is nice - but you shouldn’t place any more value in them over other players.

I’m going to start up an auction league, if any veteran players are interested in playing. I’m going to stick with all regular positions and 5x5 categories, with the exception of switching AVG out for OBP. Who’s interested? Should I just start up a thread?

Was I a jerk for nominating Tim Lincecum as the first player in a 12 team mock auction draft? I know it is common to nominate Bautista or Cabrera as the first player, but surely Lincecum is going to be owned in any fantasy league.

I know a lot of the people in mock drafts are eager to blow their entire budget on a couple of studs and then leave the draft halfway through, so I shouldn’t read too much into the smack talking I got.

Nominating, as in an auction league? You can nominate anyone you damn well want to. Throw up Yadier Molina for a buck - there’s plenty of strategic reasons to do so. There’s absolutely no need to stick to throwing people out in some sort of “best players first” order. If people are smack talking about your nomination, to hell with them.

Word. In fact I think if your buddies are only throwing out players in a “best player first” order, especially if they are giving you shit for not following suit, they are being sort of dumb and missing the point of an auction league. They also sound like suckers who you should make a lot of side bets with now that you have established yourself as the rube who doesn’t know what he is doing. Clean em out.


I got my first angry email from a league mate today. He was telling me that my last two trade made the best two teams in the league too good for anyone else to stand a chance of winning and that I didn’t get enough in return for them to be worth while.

That was fun.

What were the trades? And did you tell the league that players X, Y and Z were on the block? Not that that has anything to do with it, but I absolutely hate it when a trade goes through that I’d have been able to offer much more for, and the manager never mentioned that those players were available for trade.

The one that has caused the most angst was Hunter Pence for Andre Ethier and Sean Marshall.

I needed a closer and I really do believe that Ethier is due for a big year. I get why people might think this is wildly unfair, but, I need a player who is going to hit for good average and has power. Ethier does both of those things well and I think he is due for a huge year, I also think that Marshall has the potential to be a top 5 closer who brings value to more than just the saves category.

I didn’t advertise any of my players but I take the attitude that all my players are movable for the right price. I liked that price.