Other Fantasy baseball.

I didn’t want to clutter up the SDMB league threads, so this is for independent teams.

Anybody wanna critique my team, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it, some of my picks were not siting well as I pressed the button, I always put to much into gambling on age and injury in the middle rounds.
It’s a standard 5X5 yahoo public league. I haven’t followed baseball too closely the last couple years, but decided to get back in the fantasy game.

I had 10th pick of 12, fortunately only one 1 player was on autopick (at least till round 12 or so) My strategy developed into, Starting pitching heavy, look to fill hard to fill spots, and try to stay OK in all batting areas, but not focus on any in particular. But then I panicked in round 4 because all the hitters with any power were going fast.

  1. SP Lincecum
  2. SS Tulowitztky
  3. SP Felix Hernandez
  4. 1B Kendry Morales
  5. OF Jason Bay
  6. OF Bobby Abreu
  7. 3B Michael Young
  8. SP Wandy Rodriguez
  9. 2B Ian Stewart
  10. OF Jason Kubel
  11. RP Jose Valverde
    12 C Kurt Suzuki
  12. SP Brandon Webb
  13. DH Vlad Guerrero
  14. SP Randy Wells
  15. RP Frank Francisco
  16. OF Nyjer Morgan
  17. SP Johnny Cueto
  18. Martin Prado
    20 Joe Blanton
    21 Maglio Ordonez
  19. Dice-K

Some gambles. I love Lincecum and Felix as pitchers, and they should be a great anchor. If Tulo can stay healthy I should be good there there. I really don’t like Morales, but there was nothing better hitting left. Abreu and Gurrero are someday going to fall totally off the cliff because of age, but I hope they can still contibute well this year. I thought I got Webb in a good place, if he can get back and anywhere near his quality of a couple years ago, I’ll be very happy. Ordonez also is a pick hoping for previous potential, and for a 21 rounder I thought it was good. Ian Stewart’s .228 last year I think is uncharacteristic, and I think he’ll be more around .275 with good HR. Closer will be weak, but any points there are bonus. And Nyjer Morgan who I’ve never heard of, but should slot in my second DH position to bolster steals a bit.

  1. 2B Ian Stewart - not a good pick. He’s about to lose his job, and it was way too soon regardless.
  2. SP Brandon Webb - I don’t like him there. It’s not a good upside pick, which you can afford since going heavy SP early.

I think you also took way too many injury-risk players. Tulo, Webb, Vlad, Mags, Dice-K - too much.

However, I think Tulo’s worth the risk, both your top SPs are capable of really putting up numbers (but I think going strong SPs is a mistake), Morales is much better than you think (I’d have looked for Votto around there, but Morales is great), Young and Wandy are consistently underrated. Kubel might have been early, but he’s a very good player. Your RPs are thin, but ones you have are great - I’d look for Perez to be available or Matt Thornton to provide some bullpen support.

Your late SPs need work. They’re all pretty interchangeable, so you might want to scour for some real breakouts. Fausto Carmona is, according to Buster Olney, looking dominant this spring. Colby Lewis is putting up good spring stats. See if Liriano is around. Jeff Niemann and Derek Lowe put up sick spring Ks.

I like your SPs, but 8 is WAY too many for a Yahoo public league with the innings cap. I’d look to shed one or two and look for bullpen help (besides the two that Muinch mentions, look for Gregerson, Frasor or Bard, or stash Wood on the DL). You really need three closers in a 12 team league to be competitive.
You’ve got Prado to take over for Stewart, so you’re set there. There’s got to be someone better than Magglio for your bench, I’d guess.

For comparisons sake, here is my team. I also picked 10th of 12 in a standard Yahoo! 5x5 league.

  1. Joe Mauer C
  2.  Ian Kinsler 	2B
  3. Zack Greinke SP
  4.  Pablo Sandoval 	1B,3B
  5.  Chone Figgins 	3B
  6. Bobby Abreu 	OF
  7.  Andrew Bailey 	RP
  8.  Torii Hunter 	OF
  9.  Shane Victorino 	OF
  10. Elvis Andrus 	SS
  11. Michael Cuddyer 1B,OF
  12. Jason Kubel 	OF
  13. Roy Oswalt 	SP
  14. Bobby Jenks 	RP
  15. Joel Piñeiro 	SP
  16. Mark Buehrle 	SP
  17. Adrián Béltre 3B
  18. Juan Rivera OF
  19. Barry Zito 	SP
  20. Francisco Liriano 	SP,RP
  21. Kevin Millwood 	SP
  22. Cody Ross 	OF
  23. Ryan Rowland-Smith SP

We only have two players in common: Bobby Abreu, who we both picked in the 6th round and Jason Kubel, who I drafted 2 rounds later than you. I remember I stole Greinke in the late rounds last year and I think I stole Liriano this year. I am considering dropping Rowland-Smith for Carmona.

To who? Melvin Mora?

Yeah I know. The last three Cueto, Blanton and Dice-K are on tryout period. I’ll probably only keep two or one after the first couple weeks. I was assuming Webb web will be DLed to begin the season so I can stash him in the closet until he shows something as well.

Stewart was a heart pick upgrade. I’m a Rockies fan, and have a lot of hope for him :slight_smile:

I did have one browser glitch pick, who has now been dropped to put in a waiver for Carmona. If it goes through I will have 9 SP though :smack: There is just crap for RP out there in my league.

Rest assured Zito will have a great year. His entire career has been based around my fantasy team. When not on my team, or on the bench he is a monster, once I play him he sucks.

As an M’s fan, I try to avoid most Seattle players because playing with my heart over my head is not a way to a fantasy title.

Eric Young Jr., one presumes.

Well the Rockies play Ian at third, and he is solid there after they let Atkins go. But he is also 2B qualified in yahoo and that’s where I will put himin the lineup.

Yeah, you’re right, and neither Barmes nor Young really plays third. I may have planted the seed for Munch to make that mistake by saying it in the other thread, too. Shame on me.

I had the 1st pick in a 12 team H2H league. Let me know what you think.

  1.  (1)  	Albert Pujols
  2. (24) Brandon Phillips
  3. (25) Félix Hernández
  4. (48) Jayson Werth
  5. (49) CC Sabathia
  6. (72) Andre Ethier
  7. (73) Carlos Peña
  8. (96) Matt Wieters
  9. (97) Chad Billingsley
  10. (120) Brian Wilson
  11. (121)Mark DeRosa
  12. (144) Nyjer Morgan
  13. (145) Francisco Cordero
  14. (168) David Price
  15. (169) J.J. Hardy
  16. (192) Jeremy Affeldt
  17. (193) Brendan Ryan
  18. (216) Jhonny Peralta
  19. (217) Rajai Davis
  20. (240) Max Scherzer
  21. (241) Brad Lidge

Punting HRs and RBI? Bold.

Errr…sorry, I think I confused him with someone. I just read about Ian Desmond getting the job in Washington, and I must have thought there was a two Ian limit at 2B in the MLB.

A little light on power probably, and the back end of your staff is pretty blah except Cueto who I like as a flier. Maglio is not ownable, pick up like Kyle Blanks or literally anyone else. The good side is that you have some nice power at MI and the top of your staff is ridiculous. In a couple months I wonder if you will end up trading Felix or Lincecum for a slightly worse pitcher and power hitting CI.

Love this team, can’t believe CC was around at 49. Is your league all Sawx fans?

No. This league emphasizes more hitting stat categories, so pitching gets pushed back just slightly. King Felix was probably taken a little early by me (as no other pitchers were taken for another round), but I really wanted him.

I don’t know what to think. As an H2H team, it’s even harder to judge. I’m not high on Phillips, so I’d have a hard time taking him in Round 2, and I’d have waited even longer on SPs. I think he should find someone punting SBs and trade Pena to him for someone who’s not going to destroy all the goodwill AVG that Pujols will provide, and focus on R, SBs, AVG and the occasional RBI win.

I think in H2H, if you’re going to be weak in a category, AVG is the one to pick. Week to week AVG is pretty flukey, and you’ll probably still win it some weeks even if your team AVG is hovering around .265-.270. I wouldn’t trade away any of that power, if anything I’d trade away speed.

Well my waiver went through so I gotCarmona, and then dropped Blanton for a little more bench hitting depth in Konerko.

And Retro, I love the team. I am always high on Pitchers and you got to great ones in good places.

Hey guys, I’ve got a Yahoo FB question for you-

Can the commissioner alter and/or expedite a pending trade without the league knowing it?

I ask because I suspect tampering on the part of my league commish, but the only commish changes listed are the standard predraft category/positional adjustments. Our trade review setup is “league votes” if that matters.

Carmona is terrible, Spring Training be damned. At least go with someone with upside like Latos or Homer Bailey.