SDMB Big League Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League Returns

So, those who’ve been around here a while know that since something like 2001 there’s been a Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league going that was started with mostly folks who were SDMB regulars back then. I ended up taking over as commissioner last year, so I’m the one who got the notification from Yahoo! to renew it for this year. Did that, and if you were in last year you should have received an invitation to re-join for this year. If you weren’t in last year and want to be, PM me and I’ll arrange to get you an invite.

For those not familiar with it, this league runs a bit differently from the standard. For one thing, it’s a 6x6 format instead of the usual 5x5 – OPS and SLG replace BA for hitters, and to keep things balanced Holds get added to the usual 6 pitching stats. So middle relievers, particularly those who get innings with low ERA and WHIP, actually have some value.

Other differences include larger starting rosters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, LF, CF, RF, OF, Util, plus 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P) and larger rosters overall (2 DL slots and 6 Bench slots, in addition to the starters) – 26 slots total including the 2 DL). To accommodate the larger number of pitchers active, the maximum innings cap has been bumped up to 1300.

The BIG difference in most years has been the number of teams in the league, which combined with the size of the rosters, makes this an incredibly deep league. We’ve had at least 17 teams every year since 2004, and have typically had a max size of 20, which we’ve reached a few times. Usually there are 17-18 teams. The last 4-5 rounds of the draft typically are made up of guys who are never drafted in most other leagues, and few teams ever have the luxury of a viable starter in the real world being parked on the bench in the event of an injury, etc. Positional versatility can be a big advantage as injuries, etc., deplete the pool of start-worthy options. Deep sleepers, or guys poised for a comeback after missing time to injuries the previous year, are often the big wins of the draft for those lucky or insightful enough to score them.

Right now, the draft is set for Sunday, March 29, at 8:30 PM EDT. I’m open to changing that based on feedback from others if it’s a bad time for some.

Illest, Petelin, and Les Miserables back in already.

I am SO in!

All set and signed up. Can’t wait!

The most wonderful time of the year!

So far, 8 confirmed renewals, 9 pending, 3 open slots (max currently set to 20). Keep 'em coming.

BTW, if anyone else wants to be commish, I got no problem with that. I just went ahead and clicked the “renew” button in the interest of getting things rolling, but I have no particular attachment to being the Bud Selig of our merry crew.

I’ll join if is email.

I’m back, will probably change my team name (was The Gift Baskets last year; have to come up with a new Yankee quasi-inside joke name).

I was the commish for several years until I asked for someone to take over for me last year because of personal issues at the beginning of the season. I am perfectly fine with rackensack continuing on as commissioner, and perfectly fine with taking it on again. It’s almost no time commitment - occasionally approving a trade is the only thing that comes up after the draft.

I sent a PM; I’m interested in joining.

True dat. In fact, the reason I didn’t mention that Wilson was the commish who handed off to me last year was that I hadn’t thought about it at all since then and couldn’t remember offhand who it was. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, a trade got challenged. There’ve been a couple of times someone asked for a trade to be approved earlier than the default waiting period, I think. Otherwise, it’s the loneliest, quietest job since Gordon Jump stopped fixing (or not fixing) Maytags, at least once folks settle down with the inevitable grousing about the draft time, and about not being able to prepare for the draft.

13 renewed so far and one new player for 14 total. Waiting on 4 renewals and have two open slots at the moment.

Added two polls to the message section to get input on day/time for draft. 3 votes so far on day, split equally between Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Two mentioned that Wednesdays are bad. Feel free to weigh in on your preference, particularly if the current 8:30 EDT Sunday (March 29) is bad for you.

Can I still join?

Sure. PM me and I’ll send you the link to register.

If you want in for this year, let me know. We’re about a month out from the draft, so plenty of time to do your research and get ready to roll.

Hi folks. I’ve been pretty silent around here, but I wanted to let you know that I got the invites that were sent out.

I’m considering stepping away this year. I’ve been a bad fantasy baseball owner the last couple seasons. I enjoy the draft but don’t have the time and focus to stick with the day-to-day management of my roster. So, if folks would like to have the poorly managed Out on Waveland squad back in the league for another year I’m willing to do so, but can’t promise there won’t be injured guys in my starting lineup for weeks at a time. I’m assuming you’d all rather have a smaller league of engaged folks so unless you want me back I’ll probably retire.

As far as I’m concerned, we’d love to have you back in. It’s not like you’re probably going to be taking up a slot someone else wants at this point – we have two from last year (including you) still open, plus two more before we get to 20. And one of the hallmarks of this league has been the depth – we’re at 16 now, and haven’t had less than 17 for 11 years. I’ve certainly had years where I didn’t feel like I could devote the time to it (even though I’ve led the league in roster moves several times running now, most of those moves weren’t particularly well thought out). I’ve been on the verge of backing out myself a few times for the same reasons as you, but I’ve been glad I stayed in.

A good/great drafter but slacker owner is better than the other way around in many ways. There’s plenty of room for all types of semi-serious owners in this league.

Well, if no one has any serious objections, I’ll throw my hat back in.

Good to have you back Omniscient. The draft is our big thing in this league so as long as you’re around for the draft you’ll be good.

Looking forward to this season!