Fantasy Football question

Many years ago, a friend of mine started his own Fantasy Football League, using an unusual format. Essentially, each contestant drafts a new team each week; the team consists of a quarterback, 3 running backs, 3 wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker, and a defense. Scoring is similar to, but not exactly like, most of the online fantasy games. Before the Monday Night game, he releases the scores for the week, at which time each contestant can ‘trade’ one or more of his picks for a player (or defense) that will be playing in the Monday Night game. Once the trades are completed and the Monday game has been played, the final weekly standings are released; the top 4 contestants win a prize for the week, and the game begins anew for the next week of games.

When he started, he had just a handful of contestants, and he kept score on paper. Then, over the years, he and his computer-savvy buddies have developed a complex spreadsheet that he uses to track the scores for the week and composite score for the year. But this still requires each contestant to email him all draft picks as well as trades for Monday night. Needless to say, it’s quite time-consuming for him.

So my question to the Board is this: does anybody know of an online Fantasy Football site whereby one can create his own rules and scoring system like the one I’ve described here? I’ve looked at a few sites (but certainly not all), and I’ve not found a site where a person could set up a league like this. If anybody knows of a site such as this and could point me to that site, I would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

My Fantasy League will come very close to working. It allows for “contest leagues” where up to 96 teams can draft their roster each week. If your friend trusts the owners enough to give them commissioner privileges (which I think is handled just by giving them the commissioner password), they could change their own lineups Sunday night; if not, they could email him the changes and he could do it.

The biggest caveat is that making a league with them costs money – I think a league like this would be about $90. It looks like the site has good customer support and at least listens to feature requests, so if it’s worth it to the league, the commissioner could talk to MFL and see what they can do.

Good luck!

Thanks, Kimble! I’ll check it out!