Fantasy football with a twist

A friend of mine has proposed a fantasy football league with an interesting twist that I’d never heard of and would like opinions on. Instead of drafting players, we will draft the whole NFL team – 8 managers will draft 4 NFL teams each. The 4 teams drafted by each manager will constitute the pool from which to fill out a fantasy lineup each week. It will be a snaking draft, so whoever goes first will also end up with the worst NFL team.

Has anyone ever heard of this? I’m really interested in opinions on it, as well as on appropriate strategies here. Do you think 1st pick is the most advantageous? I think it’s a no-brainer that the Colts (Manning, James, Harrison) will go first, but beyond that I think it’s far from certain. I guess the Chiefs, Chargers, Eagles and Seahawks would be among the next few teams chosen, along with maybe the Bengals, but beyond that I’m not too sure.

I think the middle rounds would be an absolute lottery, and would vary widely among leagues. Obviously the bye week of your top team is an a huge consideration, and I guess strength of schedule would be an issue too.

So what do others think of this idea? I’m guessing there would be a lot of potholes for owners not prepared enough, but I think it could make for a good season, especially if two fantasy owners have a couple of their teams playing each other in the same week as their fantasy matchup. Obviously it won’t replace our usual league, but I think if it goes ahead we could be in for an interesting year.