Fantasy Hockey Manager.

Anybody trying this out? Looks like it’s still Beta, but very cool sounding.

It is a hockey version of Out Of the Park baseball, which is a lot of fun ,andby the same guys. The thing that has me a bit nervous is that OOTP is on version 15 or so, and it took a while to become the game it is today, with the earliest versions fairly frustrating.
Is the First version of FHM going to be great, or need a couple versions to flesh out? Is anybody trying it?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll buy it eventually. I love managerial sports sims, so I tend to get a lot of them. I’m just not in that mood right now, so I’m not playing the beta. I’m following it though.

It looks like they’re going to be taking the best parts of Eastside Hockey Manager and trying to improve it. I’m sure it will have problems (who knows) but it will get better with future iterations, especially under the OOTP umbrella.