Far Cry: Primal

Am I the only person on the internet excited for this!?!? It feels like I am! I have to wait extra for the PC release, which is a total bummer. I am a sad. However, the first of March I will be killing all the things! I can’t wait! Honestly though, I think I’m the only dude who cares.

You played one of Ubisoft’s Far Cry games you’ve played them all. There’s only so many towers I’m willing to climb.

Or at least that’s how I was feeling, but watching ACG’s coverage of it, I’m at least willing to pay attention to reviews. Looks pretty cool. Which Ubi was more on point with their PC releases though.

I’m interested in playing it and assume I’ll enjoy it since I liked FC3 & 4 (I liked 2 as well but that’s a different animal). But I have a crazy backlog going for games I want to play and I’m more than willing to hold off and wait for the $60 price tag to drop. So I want to play it but I’ll be waiting on playing it.

I thought they said no towers unlocks in this one but don’t quote me. Ubisoft’s gotta Ubi. The lack of firearms will be an interesting change. I thought they made 4 reasonably different and improved upon from 3 so I’m legitimately curious to see what they do with this one. Anyway, I’ll take the Far Cry milieu over stupid-ass Abstergo any day of the week.

So excited. Only a few weeks away, right?

I just got my copy in the mail yesterday. I haven’t played it yet, and I’m out of town this weekend. :frowning: So it’ll be next week before I get any time with it… plus I’m replaying Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and I’m almost finished with the 3rd installment.

That being said. I’m very excited about Far Cry: Primal. Kinthalis, it’s interesting what you say about the towers. I used to hate them with a fiery passion until it was pointed out to me that each one is its own puzzle on how to get to the top. For some reason that made them fun and interesting to me, instead of pissing me off that I had to climb the dumb things.

I rather liked the towers. And in Far Cry 4 you could skip climbing most of them by just flying to the top in the minicopter, anyway.

At any rate yes, I’m looking forward to FC: Primal. I liked the Shangri-La portions of FC: IV, and this seems somewhat inspired by that.

That shortcut in FC4 annoyed me. Actually climbing them was kinda fun, but I always thought “why don’t I just grab a buzzer and skip this?” FC4 was a lot of fun, but definitely got too repetitive 1/2 through. I was mostly sick of before unlocking the north of the map. Part of my complaint was that sidequests were mostly pointless. Not a lot of payoff for most of them.

I’m looking forward to Primal, though. Might still bog down, but at least it’s a new coat of paint.

I do think it was a design flaw that they put too much of the game in the south, so by the time you unlocked the north you were not only getting burned out but were effectively most of the way done.

FC III had a similar problem with the north/south islands, where it was the north that was overloaded and the south underused.

FC3 also suffered from the charismatic antagonist disappearing halfway through and being replaced by some boring guy.

I played through FC4 twice to get both stories so I appreciated the gyrocopter shortcut the second time around.

I’ve been playing Primal on XBoxOne all weekend and am pleasantly surprised with the game.Haven’t played a videogame for this long since I was a kid.

The crafting and skill upgrades are present and refreshingly simple. The graphics are amazing and only using primitive weapons enhances the experience, in my opinion.

The woolly mammoths make the controller rumble and they don’t take kindly to arrows to the face. It’s a really impressive scene, a herd of 5 mammoths roaming 10,000 BCE.

That said, I need 3 mammoth furs to upgrade my village and I don’t recall where I saw the beasts last. Anyone know where to find them?

I got to play on PC for an hour or two yesterday. So far I like it. I’m either going to end up hating having to continually harvest materials for weapons (especially arrows), or I’m going to fall in love with it. I’ve only got the owl so far. Been killed by wolves several times. Recently ran into dudes with poison attacks, which also kicked my butt. Game is gorgeous (I have it cranked up to Ultra), but the cro-mags (or whatever) are way better at spotting me through the vegetation than I am at spotting them.

Once, when getting my ass handed to me by wolves, I also got attacked by a “Rare Black Dhole” and a “Rare Striped(?) Wolf”. I must have speared that Dhole seven times before it died. Thing was tenacious!

I have no idea what I’m doing in the game yet, but I’m digging the setting. It’s like stone age Elder Scroll’s Creed: Far Cry.

I hope you’ll see those again- you can tame them.

A rare dhole attacked me again before I got the ability to tame. Don’t think I’ve seen another striped wolf. Managed to tame a mountain lion and rare lion last night though. One of the loading tips said that rare animals leave a trail in Hunter Vision, so that will help a ton.

Fought a bear with my lion and I have to say, the animations are kick ass! They were really going after each other. It was pretty cool to watch.

Now that the game has opened up a little more I’m really getting into it. I thought I’d never use the owl but once I figured out it takes the place of binoculars for tagging enemies, I was a happy person. I picked the ability to have it dive attack, and it’s awesome for taking out annoyingly placed bad-guys in camps.

On PC now I’ve had one CTD, seen some strange AI behavior, and have had a few instances of invisible enemies. The enemies show up on the minimap, but I can’t see them. However, the game gives me the prompt for Takedowns on them, so I just do that and they magically appear as they die.

I’m trying to get into it, but I’m already bored with the fights against the animals and bad guys. I’m not fast enough with my 2 spears yet to do any good at throwing it in battle. I’ve only played two missions. One was a rescue mission, and one was a mission where I had to escort some people to a village. It was considered “easy” and 2/4 of them died. I’ll keep at it, a little at a time, but so far it’s kind of boring to me.

I’m enjoying it - I loved Far Cry 4 (much more than Far Cry 3, which was excellent) and I’m enjoying the chance to do something a bit different in the Far Cry world. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with a modern Far Cry setting at the moment so I think going completely left field with the 10,000BC thing was a good idea.

The story is a bit average, though - not quite “excuse plot” level but I’m really getting more out of exploring the world and doing cool stuff like hunting mammoths than I am from caring about why I’m shooting flaming arrows into people wearing stone masks.

I just wanted to give an update on my experiences. I’m having a LOT more fun with the game now that I’ve progressed enough to earn some skills. Conceptually there are some really fun things about the game. Ultimately the game is a lot like the previous installments except with a minimal story line. Kill bad guys, go on acid/drug trips, fight/hunt animals, wash rinse repeat, wash rinse repeat. The things they’ve added are pretty cool. 1) You can tame certain animals, and then use them to stay by your side; ultimately providing much needed emergency protection. Additionally you can command your tamed animal to attack at will 2) You eventually get a trained owl who can help you scope out areas. As you upgrade your owl abilities he an eventually drop wasp bombs, fire bombs, and bezerk bombs. Also you can use your owl to tell your tamed animal to attack. There were a couple of easy camps I was able to take over just using my owl and tamed animal. A lot of fun.

What I don’t like… a lot of repetition on some of the missions can get boring. On the other hand, it’s nice, if I want to play for only 15 minutes, no problem. However if I had one complaint, it’s that they place some of the missions inconveniently far from a fast-jump location. Most of the time it’s not a big deal; but sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass to get to a mission location. All in all, that’s not a bad complaint; but with the mission repetition; sometimes it would be nice if I didn’t have to waste a bunch of time hiking (or riding my beast) to a location.

Good mindless game. I’d give it an 8/10

I’m playing this but I’m finding it hard to keep going. It hasn’t hooked me yet.

One hang-up is that there’s no interesting characters (so far) and I think the language barrier makes it worse. The charismatic antagonists from 3 & 4 are replaced by some cave guy who wants to kill my cave guy(s) for… I dunno, some reason I’m sure. Dialogue is a slog since I read the line on the screen in one second and then spend the next five or six seconds growing annoyed at listening to “Ung… Bung-tork-ork… Ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang”. Cave people apparently just aren’t very compelling.

Another one is the tedium of traveling on foot, especially with a million dholes looking to harass me every twenty steps. I assume someday they’ll stick me on a mammoth but I miss being able to commandeer a car and face nature on my own terms.

I appreciate what they’re trying to do and the way they’ve kept it a Far Cry (3/4) title while trying to innovate (pets, village upgrading, etc) but I’m just not excited to play it.

I’ve kind of given up on this game. My wife usually watches me play the games, you see, and her job is to act as navigator, to remind me to go pick up new stuff and areas I might have missed, and to help with decisions in the game.

There are no decisions to be made in FC:P. Sure, you can do things in a different order, of course, but there’s none of the agonizing decisions like what they had in the previous game- like which of the siblings you side with, whether you kill someone or let them live, that sort of thing.

She lost interest in it, and so now we’re playing FO4. A shame- I was enjoying aspects of the game, like the pokemon aspects of it, but without the decisions it’s just… linear.

I agree there’s no noteworthy plot to Far Cry: Primal but I must say that’s quite an interesting way of playing games - I haven’t encountered that one before.

Jophiel, try to stick with a little while longer, and read my last post above. It gets better. Totally agree that the first part sucks when you can get killed so easy. Once you advance far enough to get your owl, and can tame your first animal it gets MUCH easier. Eventually you can ride your bigger animals; and your spears are deadly enough to bring down an animal in one or two shots.