FarCry WTF :frowny face:

[spoilers ahead]

Man, I’m so pissed off I put this much time into this damn game. Crytek makes some beautiful games but they sure as shit don’t make fun games. They’ve committed two cardinal sins (1) not letting me save wherever and (2) making random bits 100x harder than the rest of the game.

**First annoyance: **Random left over guys that get close behind me and kill me. I attack one of the many camps/strongholds and I kill off all of the guys I see by sneaking/sniping/whatever. Takes a good 10-15 minutes and I think I get them all. Run in to collect my loot and bam, one guy I didn’t see me plunks me in the back from 4 feet. Since Crytek committed cardinal sin number one (1) I have to play the 10-15 minute battle all over again. This happened at least 6-12 times in my game.

Second annoyance: I plant the bomb on the freighter and being the smart little devil I am immediately hightail it over the side to where I left my boat. I guess some d-bag at Crytek doesn’t think that is the proper way to beat the level so they “exploded” my boat so I can’t use it. The chargers I set on the freighter go off, and boom I’m dead. Looks like another reload to do the same fucking thing again.

First ridiculously hard boss battle: So you fight the 2nd in command right after blowing up the freighter. This time instead of just hightailing it, I listen to the voiceover “maybe the front of the ship will be ok”. Ohh maybe? Well shit I can take a blatantly obvious instruction masked as a suggestion better than anyone. So I go to the front of the boat this time and survive the explosion. Voice over says big bad boss is coming on a copter, so cool says I. Bust out my rocket and get ready to fight.

The copter flies at me and I let it get into a decent range before letting off my first rocket. The copter of course dodges this with impossible quickness. No problem says I, let me just reload and hit him again. So this time the copter is right on me, and I nail it with a rocket. It doesn’t die. Odd says I. The boss opens up with the MG and I die. Interesting says I. Reload from last save. Repeat this same battle 6 times. Hmm says I. Maybe voice over guy is full of shit.

So this time I stay in the wheelhouse and use that as cover. I do ok hit him a couple times before I die and have to reload. I might mention, that D-Bags at Crytek put the save after the bomb with a 25 second timer. So everytime I die it takes me a couple minutes to gather ammo, plant bomb, and for boss man to show up. I try this strategy a good ten more times. Find out that he can shoot through the window (one death). Find out I can’t shoot through the window (one death). New strategy time.

This time, against all voice over advice, I jump off the boat and swim towards shore. There’s a beached little tug that I can take cover behind, so I try that. First time I get out its going well. The copter stays in front of the boat so I can pop out and shoot a rocket and go back to cover while the rocket resets. This first time I nail him three times with the rocket, and I’m like yeah he’s gotta be dead soon. Hit him a fourth time, he doesn’t die, I do. I think WTF is this god damn copter made out of? Second time on shore and this time the copter figures out it can fly over the boat and negate my cover. Quick death here, another few minutes wasted. Finally on my 5th or 6th time, making it 15-20th attempt at this boss, I finally kill him with 6 fucking rockets. 6 god damn rockets for a fucking helicopter.

Third annoyance: Fucking trygens. Seriously what the god damn fuck. A decent take on the fast moving melee enemy but in a game that requires sneaking and going prone for accuracy, a fast moving melee enemy is a pain in the fucking ass. And if you have two or more of them? Even fucking bigger pain in the god damn ass because you can’t kill two with one clip of ammo. You have to switch guns and possibly run your ass away to reload if there are 3+ of them.

Second hard boss battle: So you clear out a camp and the bitch you’re with says hop on the back of a humvee and lets go. Alright. So off we go and look, the garage in the camp I just cleared comes a humvee. Shoot them says the bitch. Fine says I. So I’m shooting at them and the bitch is driving like a maniac. She pulls a "U"ey in front of a another humvee and I can’t kill them fast enough so I die. Now that I know where the first humvee comes from so I can kill it. Repeat for about 7 deaths so I know where the random humvees/copters come from. That finally allows me to beat the level.

Fourth annoyance: As you move on in the game these fucking soldiers you fight become ridiculously hard to kill. Like 5 shots to the head to kill the bastard vs. 1 before. Seriously, it’s god damn annoying to sneak around, find a guy, and blast his ass in the head to see him run off behind cover. Eventually half the guys you face are like this. Fine, I like a challenge, and really the earlier guys were easy as shit to kill.

Fifth annoyance: A nuke? I’m going to set off a fucking nuke on the same fucking Island I’m on? No fucking way would I ever do that.

Third random hard boss battle: Getting towards the end here. I gotta fight the head D-bag, fine let me have at him. Except that you are stuck in a fucking hallway and he has 5 hard as fuck to kill guys (see annoyance 4) around him. Sigh, so I try grenades, rockets, shooting, and other random shit. Doesn’t fucking work. 30% of the time I die within 5 seconds, 30% I last 10, and the rest 10-20. Finally I manage to kill all his soldiers, and hit the bad guy so he jumps down in front of me. I see him jumping halfway across the room to me, so I whip out my shotgun. He’s 5 feet in front of me and I blast him 10 fucking times in the face with a shotgun. Does he die? No, he whips out his gun and shoots and fucking kills me. It took me at least 15-20 tries to get there.

I try the same thing that semi-worked another 10 times before all his soldiers are dead and hes in front of me. Shoot him in the face 10 times with the shot gun and he doesn’t die again. I manage to dodge enough so that he doesn’t shoot me and reload the shotgun. It takes another 10 god damn shots to the face to finish the bastard off. 20 god damn point blank shotgun blasts to kill this fucking boss. God damn ridiculous.

So after you kill him cut scene, and you are transported to a lobby. There’s an elevator and a hallway. I choose the hallway. Big fucking mistake. So I end up going back to where I just had the boss fight. There’s one soldier alive, but he has his back to me. No problem says I. I prone, scope in on his head with my rifle, and let off a burst. 3-4 bullets to the back of the head should kill his ass no problem right? Wrong, see annoyance four (4). He doesn’t die. He runs to cover, and kills me with one shot because I have basically no health after the boss battle.

No problem says the crowd because you saved after the boss battle. To that I say, of course, every player saves after a boss battle. Except, I refer you to cardinal sin #1 so I couldn’t save. Since I went the wrong way, I didn’t trigger a fucking autosave and had to redo the damn boss battle. Took me another 30 tries and 45 minutes to beat the fucking boss again. This time I go the right way and get to a save. Which leads to:

Fourth randomly hard battle: I gave up because this is bullshit. There’s like 8 of the rocket trygens and 3 of the shooter trygens. No fucking way is this going to work. There’s no place to manuever and not easy way to kill the fuckers. I’m fucking pissed. This is the first god damn first person shooter I’ve given up on. I am good at this games. I did all of the F.E.A.R. games on the hardest setting and basically do the same for every shooter I play. I can’t even beat this bullshit on the 2nd easiest level.

Fuck FarCry. Fuck Crytek. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Do you have an Xbox? You may want to try Far Cry Instincts instead–a more streamline (and imo fun) version of Fary Cry, with some new features (like “Feral” powers) to boot.

I played Far Cry:Instincts. Don’t bother. It has all of those problems too. No saving at will makes Carl mad.

Oh, and the game may get stuck so you can’t progress any further. Happened to one of my friends.

I am above average at FPS mainly because I don’t play them often. I remember that darn final fight on the boat against the helicopter. You have more patience than I, as I never finished it. :frowning: If it makes me work that hard, it’s not worth it, imo.

FC2: I can’t decide if it’s better or worse. Still only certain places you can save. There are unlimited bad guys that regen when you aren’t looking at them, so every time you drive back past a point, you have to check to see if it’s empty or not.

I didn’t mind the realism, in terms of the guns that explode or jam, but it seems like it was too often. I mean, if guns jammed as often as they have for me, why are they used at all?

I was able to finish Crysis but that took a bit of figuring out for the final boss as well. And it was the easy or normal level.

Like you, I hate it when a game announces itself as “real” with “real physics” and “real guns” then gives the bad guys hit points! What?


Far Cry 2 is great, if your unfulfilled, lifelong dream was always to be a truck driver.


That is true. I like FPS games the best but FC2 couldn’t hold my interest. And it probably was the long times between action scenes and needing to drive to them. If not directly, then it certainly contributed. The malaria, or whatever it was, also got old quick. I understand the ideas behind it but they didn’t work for me.

I play it once in a while but not as much anymore. In fact, I think this is a scary trend in games, the realism. (But only up to a point, as FC2 has unlimited guards it seems at crossroads.) It reminds me of the first time I saw and played a Jane’s Simulation game. I mean, yeah, it’s realistic but who wants to play a game for forty minutes for three minutes of action? Sometimes, FC2 felt like that. Drive to a contact and get a mission, drive to the mission, a little action, drive all the way back to turn in the mission and then repeat. I would rather have a Doom 3 or Quake 4 that keeps going. F.E.A.R. was also a good game.