Farewell to "The Queen of Technicolor"

Rhonda Fleming, old movie sex idol of the 40s/50s, has died at 97. She was mostly famous for her red hair and green eyes, rather than her acting.

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Thanks. I keep forgetting.

She was in some good films, but rarely in good parts; and in the good roles she did have, usually overshadowed by others and/or shot in b&w (a waste). She is memorable in her two or three scenes in Out of the Past (1947). She had a more substantial role in the underrated film noir Slightly Scarlet (1956) - which alas, Arlene Dahl steals as her klepto sister – beautifully shot in darkly-hued Technicolor (by John Alton) and based on James M. Cain story. And she had a rare “bad girl” role in Inferno (1953), shot in 3D. Had she played more bad women, her career might have been more memorable.