Farm girl spam

Like everyone else, I get tons of XXX-rated spam. But why is 90 percent of it about farm girls having sex with animals? Has my email address found its way into a special niche of spamdom, or is bestiality more mainstream than I’m aware of?

I kinda miss all the “mail-enhancement” spam, which I rarely get anymore.

You want your envelopes bigger?

I wouldnt be surprised if that your ISPs spam filter simply isnt seeing that email or spammer as spam. It could be that its coming from a trusted net block or the blacklists havent had a chance to list them yet.

I get almost no spam, and I never get farm girl beastiality spam.

Oh wah. Like it’s our fault.


You sound so disappointed.

Only a little bit.

So Spam is the meat of human-animal hybrids given birth to by farm girls? :eek:

Spam is a large scale thing. If a spammer gets one hit per 100,000 e-mails, he makes money. There’s often no apparent linear connection between what you do and what you get.

When the authorities take down a spam king, there are 3 more waiting to take his place.

You say “like everyone else,” you get tons of XXX rated spam. I don’t, so I can tell you that you can avoid it, if you want to. I run Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, and Spyware Blaster at least once a week, in addition to my regular security suite. There are new spyware variations every week, so you have to keep up to date. No one spyware catcher gets everything, so you must run more than one.

The three I named are free, but some money will get you a deluxe, self-updating version.

Of course, if you actually want to see fa rmg irl vids or want to take your chances on internet / 1 ag R @, you’re better off Goooogling for it.:smiley:

Okay, that was brilliant.

I don’t see the relevance, since none of those programs will stop spam. Your spam filter is something that’s built into your e-mail client, your ISP’s e-mail server, or both, and there’s nothing you can do at the consumer level that will stop all spam while letting all legitimate e-mail through.


All that spam makes my brain turn off when it comes to 4-letter words.

Be careful about who sees your email address. :slight_smile:

I have my own domain name (several actually) and get email through a web hosting service, which as far as I can tell does no filtering of my POP-Mail server.

Traditionally spam I receive has fallen into one of two categories;

  • Offers to make parts of my body smaller
  • Offers to make another part of my body larger.

HOWEVER - lately I have been getting a lot of spam that shows up in either of two different categories;

  • It has an English title but the text is in German
  • Everything is in some ‘foreign’ script that comes out looking unintelligible. I would say it does not look ‘Asian’, but if anything looks like Russin (‘Cyrilic’? SP?)

I assume it’s the same subject matter, just from spam-kings in other parts of the world.

Is anyone else receivng this ‘foreign language’ SPAM???

>Is anyone else receivng this ‘foreign language’ SPAM???

Yeah, what spammers do is run spam assassin or barracuda and test against them to see what type of spam generates the lowest score. Sometimes odd character sets do. Or putting FW: in the subject line.

At my current job I dont do any spam content analysis, only blacklists, but at previous gigs I have increased the score on foreign character sets. Many admins just go with the default settings and thats what these spammers test against. So I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of oddball content like beastality doesnt register a high score yet. Eventually those zombie PCs will be on all the blacklists and will be filtered properly.

Best ever subject/username combination.
Shame horses can’t use apostrophes for some reason.

Okay, never mind. Nott know nothing. Pay no attention to the big galoot.:wink:

I would estimate that 80% of the spam emails I get at my work address are in Russian. I can only assume that I’ve got onto some address list at some point in the last decade or so, which list is commonly sold to eastern european spammers. Whereas my home address gets none.

For a while back in 2004 or so, I was getting lots of spam (like, 5 messages a day) from companies advertising military themed gay porn. They really, really messed up their demographic research for that one.

I figure that I randomly ended up on one specific mailing list.

Even that isn’t 100%, since the margins work out such that a spammer can spam every likely address in a domain (working with a dictionary of common names and terms used before the @) and still come out ahead.