Farmville is 10 years old, and I like it (should have post this on National Coming Out Day).:wink: After all this time it’s still sluggish, fuzzy, freezing and a bit annoying with the pop ups.
I quit playing because my then 6 year old decrepit computer couldn’t handle the game. But it’s not playing any better 10yrs later on a newer computer (only 2 years old)with 8gb of ram.

Also why is the game window so short?

Any ideas?

Oh, do you want to be my neighbor and muck out the stables?:stuck_out_tongue:

I gave it up because of all the multiple farms and there was so much beg thy neighbor stuff. Also, there wasn’t an easy way to play it on mobile. It just became way too much of a time waster and tasks impossible to complete. It’s blocked on Facebook now, but I don’t see anyone talking about it since 2012 or so.

Yeah, the new farms are confusing, but right now I’m dealing with a glitch that is preventing my Farmville friends from showing up as Neighbors.

Is the sluggish, fuzzy, & freezing on their end or mine?

Any insight into Flash games and maybe what Zynga thinking is?