Farthest one can be from a McDonald's in the lower 48: 145 miles

Check out this map of McDonald’s ubiquity to see just how deeply they’ve penetrated the nation.

Of course, the 145 miles is by road. If one could fly, it would only be 107 miles.

I’m not a McDonald’s hater, but this map makes me sad. Sometimes I just want to be further away than that from fast food. :frowning:

The little square in the east is curious. Where is that, Virginia? Probably a county or two.

Here’s something even more depressing to consider: that’s just McDonald’s. McD’s is the most ubiquitous, sure, but even in those dark patches there’s probably quite a few other fast food chains instead. If it’s any consolation, they’re likely to be much better quality than McD’s. Styrofoam would be better quality than McD’s.

That’s just about the right spot to be the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. In fact, I’d bet a lot of the empty spaces, especially out West, are national parks/forests.


I think it’s mostly in West Virginia, around the Monongahela National Forest, though part may be in Virginia, on the other side of the Allegheny Mountains.

ETA: I see Mtgman got there first.

good news is, if you’re lost in the wilderness, at most, you’re only 140 some odd miles from civilization

Aha, thanks. That makes sense. I figured it had to be some kind of artificial boundary.

For the record ('cuz I’ve been there) Mon National Forest is absolutely breathtaking. Only about 45 minutes from where I currently live, though when I last visited, I lived several hours away, near Baltimore.

I can definitely tell which one is ours; still there are places in Canyonlands that are only about 50 miles in a straight line, but would take you 12 hours to drive out. If you were down on the river, it would be two days.

That was kind of cool.

Scary. But cool.

That was cool. A little sad, but totally cool.

On second look, there’s not much out west. ROOM FOR CAPITALIST GROWTH! :stuck_out_tongue:

Starbucks worldwide map circa 2006 - If I understand correctly, this includes only company owned and operated stores, not franchises. That might explain why thre are no SBux shown in China, e.g., although I recall they opened a bunch of locations there some years ago.


Cool. I love maps like this, and often think about how far I can get from various “things.”

Last month we travelled to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. After Port Townsend, we drove some 150 miles by road down through Queets, without passing a McDonalds (or a WalMart, or a Starbucks . . .) I was impressed. Very nice to know you can still get that far away from “civilization.”

You don’t like it, move to [del]Russia[/del] North Korea.

According to Wikipedia there are no McDonald’s in Nunavut, so you have options besides North Korea.

Thanks, I am now inspired to try and buy some land in South Dakota, it would be pretty cool to have my house exactly on the spot.