Farting while working out

If I have my headphones on and music rocking and I fart, I have no idea if it’s a sneaky quiet one or a BLLAATTT. Do I have to stop and excuse myself? I don’t have to use the toilet, it’s just gas.

You Be You. But heed these words as you get older: Never Trust a Fart!

In your 70s every fart is an adventure. What until you hear, “Did grandpa just fart?” for the first time.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have done Pilates one-on-one with a trainer for a decade. One always has to be careful while tightening your (muscle) belt!

Sometimes followed by, “No. Grandpa just shit his pants!”

First, if your headphones are that loud you may be getting hearing damage :wink:

Second, it depends on proximity. To whom would you be excusing yourself? If anybody was obviously aware then an “Excuse me” to nobody in particular would be appropriate, but then again you don’t want oblivious people wondering what you just excused yourself for.

Once at the gym I farted during a rep. It was too quiet to hear, but not too subtle to detect. A guy walked by and yelled, “Whoa! Somebody dropped the bomb!” I did not raise my hand to take credit.

Nice nick/last paragraph combination here.

Such a wonderful user name/post combination. :smiley:

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LOL indeed. My pleasure.

Downward Dog should always be approached with caution no matter how cute the person in front of you is in yoga class.

Maybe it should be renamed Upward Pipe.

Just buy some exercise equipment and workout in your home.

A rather privileged response, don’t you think? We live in an 850 sq. ft. home. I don’t know where I would put a treadmill and stairclimber etc.

Passing gas while working out is One of Those Things that Happen to Everyone. You shouldn’t have to stop and excuse yourself, and if someone is so classless enough to point it out, they’re an asshole whom you shouldn’t pay attention to.1

1 - Diagram this sentence at your own peril.

“What is that terrible smell? Did you shit your pants today, Grandpa?”
“Not today….”

One time in a fairly small gym I was on an elliptical and there was a woman (think a young Church Lady or Lily Tomlin’s Tasteful Lady) next to me, when I let fly with a silent but aromatic one (in my defense, I really did not have time to try to hold it in or move or anything, it just came out) and half a second later she got the funniest look on her face, and ostentatiously stepped off her machine and started fanning and flapping the air around her face for several minutes. I think she expected me to apologize or turn red in shame or something, but I just carried on.

OK, I can tell how this reads to you, but you sort of had to be there (although you wouldn’t want to be) to get the humor.

Thank you, Maus_Magill, for a helpful, common sense response.

I get a perverse pleasure ripping a Rasper in the vestibule of places like TGIFridays and AppleBee’s.

And I drink HomeBrew. So those of you who know…