Didja ever feel one coming on, step outside to let it fly…
but it stuck to ya and followed ya back in?

You’re supposed to step outside?

Always seems to happen when I’m about to get into someone’s car. I’m cursed with clingy farts!

Three posts, and lieu’s not here yet?

I thought he’d smell this one a mile away.

I like to share my good fortune. :smiley:

Farts smell so deaf people can enjoy them too., let 'em rip.

The worst farts are in bed, under the blanket.

Actually, MY underblanket farts aren’t bad at all. I think it’s cause the blankets act as a filter, soaking up the stank. The ones that drive me crazy are the ones in the morning after drinking beer the night before, and having eggs for breakfast.

God, handy. Sometimes you crack me the hell up.

I think they can ‘stick’ to your clothes. Maybe if you go outside, drop your pants, and then fart it wouldn’t happen.

Ever fart, then ummm… Dammit. I forgot what I ws sonna say. Oh well. Guess what? I just farted. Sorry, you probly hink I’m raelly dumb right now, but I’m rueally drunk and i’frs really hard to type when wasted. Woohoo. I learned a new lesson!!:smiley: