Do you like the smell of your own, uh, you know?

I was shocked recently, when one of my good buddies told me that he loved the smell of his own flatulence. He actually tries to force the smelly air towards his nostrils so he can “enjoy the aroma”. I’m not sure any of you will be willing to admit this, but I thought it was very disturbing.

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One word… EWWW!

I’ll second that!

Actually, I think most people would rather smell their own than somebody else’s.

My husband does enjoy his farts, bless his little heart. He waves them towards his face and giggles.

:eek: thats disgusting!!

Hmm, this isn’t about the “uh, you know” I thought it was going to be about. I don’t know if that’s reassuring or disturbing.

I’m puzzled by what you could have been thinking of…?

Well, we all have to smell our own farts when we go to the toilet - we have no choice. Maybe we are just conditioned to accept and even like our own farts. Other peoples farts we usually can avoid, so we are naturally disgusted by them. Thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Well, I don’t enjoy them, per se, but they certainly don’t bother me as much as someone else’s would.

Except after I’ve eaten a lot of onions…

I thought ya meant pee.

It can sometimes smell pretty good, after a coupla cups of very fine coffee.

Farts, though? Yuck.

I wave mine towards my wife’s face and giggle.

Dutch oven!

Hmmm… I’m not sure I even wanna ask what you thought it was about…


Yes, yes i do:)

I don’t particularly enjoy the smell, but I smell it anyway to judge the strength of the odour and either approve or disapprove. :smiley:

I heard somewhere that our distaste at the smell of poo and farts is mostly psychological. As an example, if you entered a public toilet as someone was leaving it and there was a real strong aroma of hamburgers, your mind would assume the smell was ‘used food’ and be grossed out by it, while if you smelled the exact same smell in a restaurant you would be hungry.

When you think about it, a lot of farts pretty much smell just like food, though sometimes intensified. For instance, broccoli farts smell pretty much like cooking broccoli.

Maybe so, Badtz Maru, but I can still say objectively that a chicken fart is the nastiest thing ever.

My dog’s farts are enough to make ya puke, but I’ve never heard any of my chickens fart at all.:stuck_out_tongue:

I must have eaten something tonight… or a rat has crawled up my ass and died. My ass has been shooting lethal gas all night. I sent my flatmates screaming from the room earlier.

So you can safely say no, I do not enjoy the smell of my own ass. I can guarantee you that my flatmates don’t either.

However, I do recall an appropriate quote from ** Eddie Murphy… **

Funny thread.