Is there a better way to maxmize the enjoyment of the smell of ones own gas?

Let’s be honest, everyone here has done the standard cupping you hands over your bottom, passing gas and then sniffing the fumes, but that method has been around since the dark ages. Surely someone has come up with something better? My Google search didn’t come up with anything.


No I haven’t.

No I won’t.


You’re on your own with this one.

Have fun.

ETA: OTOH, that sounds like one of those absurd ideas that you could get a government grant to research.

Methane collection for fun and profit.


Oh, dear.

No, you’re wrong.

Everybody has not done anything remotely like this. I haven’t.

I have no plans to do it. Ever.

This is an example of one of those things a person should not post about themselves on the internet.

Yep. That and ladles.

Fart in a jar? Then seal it?

You could always give yourself a “Dutch Oven”.

While it’s widely accepted that people aren’t disgusted by their own farts, and some even take pleasure in sampling them, maximizing enjoyment of them has to be a niche pleasure to say the least.

Strap a funnel to your ass, and then inhale the results from the tube leading from the funnel?

Curiosity is one thing, but auto-flatus-obsession is another. Fartsniffer.

:eek: You’re kidding, right? Right? Please say you’re kidding…

I have never done that and don’t foresee myself ever doing that.

He’s not alone.

“fartsniffer”, heh.


Per the OP though, I don’t think this is a good idea. Haven’t you ever heard of the expression “too much of a good thing…” This applies.

Well, despite my post #3, I actually don’t have a problem with people posting this kind of stuff. Some of it–even the stuff that’s not quite my cup of tea–can be interesting.

Granted there are things about myself that **I ** might not post on the internet (I don’t want y’all to know *all * my shit), but, y’know, different strokes and all that.

Fart into a bottle, then immediately cap it.

Leave it for a day or so, then uncap. You’ll be amazed by the results!

(The same technique worked in my car once after a particularly rich curry.)

When driving in a car with power windows, roll the windows up and “lock” them right before you fart. :smiley:

I just wanted to pop in and say that this thread made me laugh my ass off. Thank you, SDMB. :wink:

Why the necessity of power windows? Do manual windows cause some… er… leakage?

And to chime in with everyone else here - no, I have not done this, have absolutely no intention of doing so, but was horrified enough at the title that I had to come and find out whether it was a whoosh or not.

A quick search and I said, “A’ha!” when I saw a thread started with the title "Lily Allen’s “Smile” & “LDN”- two of the all time great singles? ", but other than that the guy looks clean.

Did I just say that the guy who wants to collect his own farts looks clean? :confused:

You can’t prevent your other passengers from rolling manual windows down.

I honestly thought this was more common, and have a suspicion it is, but I guess its something like sniffing your soiled toilet paper or eating your boogers that few want to admit to, even on the internet. I do have two otherwise normal intelligent male buds who have admitted to me they do this, and Howard Stern has a brief bit about it in his first book and** jjimm**, so I know there are many people out there that do, not just us five. :slight_smile:

And don’t get me wrong, its not an obsession or fetish or anything like that- I could conceivably never do it again and not be put out in the least, its just it seems to me the hand is not the best tool for retaining the aroma. And come to think of it, the idea of why ones own gas smells heavenly and other peoples is repulsive *should * be studied by someone.

And then crank the heat up. WAYYY up. Even if it’s the hottest day of the year.

[Jim Croce]
If I could put farts in a bottle…

I would assume the best way would involve a length of garden hose and a gas mask.