fashion advice - need answer soonish.

Going to a wedding. Packing charcoal pants, houndstooth jacket. what color shirt/tie/shoes/belt?

i’ve got a gray shirt, blue tie, black shoes, and black belt but feel like that’s too much gray. i really want to wear the houndstooth. it’s a hand-me-down from my uncle that i NEVER get to wear. is it appropriate?

i really don’t want to wear any more blue blazers and kakhis. possibly ever. a suit just feels too formal. a black suit makes me feel like i’m part of the wait staff.

Do you have a date for the wedding? It never hurts to match your tie to her outfit (especially if you’re wearing charcoal, grey, grey, and black - a punch of a bright colour wouldn’t hurt).

What is the dress code for the wedding? Off the top of my head, a suit doesn’t sound too formal for a wedding.

Without being able to see the items in question or your coloring, I would recommend a vivid color, like dark red, which always looks nice with charcoal pants.