Fashion Advice Needed...

I guess so, your thread is naked!

How indecent! Why would it have happened?

Anyways, I’m going to a blacktie wedding. I’ll be wearing a long, chocolate brown dress.

The problem:
What color shoes do I wear?

My mother says cream.
My friend says silver or clear.

What do you say?

I say brown to match your dress.

Brown—not, of course, black. Your shoes should always be the same shade as, or a little darker than, your dress.

If you don’t have/can’t find brown, I would wear black.
I know Eve doesn’t like that idea, but if it’s long enough, they won’t be seen much, and they’re the only other color that would match. Like Eve said, always make sure your shoes are the same shade or darker than your dress.
(That means no cream!)

BLACK shoes with a BROWN dress?!

[Eve faints onto a nearby convenient sofa]

Definitely no cream! Since I love shoes shopping so much, I’ve done some <ahem> footwork for you!

Brown pump

I’m guessing tobacco is a good brown color - beware - Sassy Shoes ahead

Sort of prissy, but still cute

(When in doubt, ALWAYS shop for shoes at Nordstrom)

Hee hee.
Better than brown shoes with a black dress! :eek:
Saw it on Mariah Carey myself! (not that I was surprised, mind you…)
I just thought if she had no brown, black would be better than the choices listed?
So, HerMajestyLorna, I think we have all agreed upon “Operation Shop for Chocolate Brown Shoes.”
Hey-any excuse for new shoes!

Silver or clear?! With a brown dress? Clear shoes?! As in, like, vinyl? I am shuddering at the thought.

Brown shoes, absolutely.

Cream shoes with a brown dress will make you look like Ellie May Clampett. (sorry, Mom)

Silver or clear vinyl are just not appropriate for a black-tie wedding. After all, you’re not a hooker.

Silver? With brown? I just can’t see this, not with the shades of brown that most dresses come in.

Cream/beige/off-white would probably only work if they’re so dark to nearly be brown to begin with, rendering this a moot point. Definately a case where you’d want to try the shoes on while you’re wearing the dress to see the effect. I could see this working if the dress is a lighter shade of brown (read: cream/off-white/etc.), but it’s a stretch.

Clear? Uggg. The problem with clear shoes that I’ve found is that your feet will sweat in them: that plastic doesn’t breathe! So I veto clear shoes on the basis of comfort, before even considering if they’d go with something or be appropriate for a black-tie event.

Use black as a last resort: if the dress is dark enough, and the black shoes strappy enough, people may not notice the color mismatch. :slight_smile: (Or, you can give them a good swift kick for looking closely enough to notice!)

So, yes, I agree with the consensus to go with brown: if possible try the shoes on while wearing the dress, or at least bring the dress (or a fabric bit from it) so you can double check colors.

<< Bada-bing! >>

Brown. Definitely.

If you can’t find any that suit the color of the dress, get a pair of pumps that are easily dyed. Take the dress with you to the shoe shop so they can match it. (Or maybe a tiny snip of the fabric from the hem, or something.)

It’s cheap and they’ll match perfectly. Usually those kind of pumps are very inexpensive, as well, but look really nice.

I’ve done this for several weddings. Works like a charm.

Brown. Nor ifs, ands or buts about it.

Here are some more shoe options:


Dyable if you have time.

About a gazillion are on sale here.

Good luck.

Well, depending on how ornate the chocolate brown dress is, that is, if it’s pretty plain, I’d go for gold shoes with maybe some sparkly pantyhose. This would work especially if there’s a side slit going on too.

If the dress is pretty ornate, however, I’ll have to second going for a pair of brown shoes simply to match and not draw attention to your feet.

The dress is pretty simple, but I’m not really looking for a very flashy look.

As for the clear/cream/silver, I agree. The idea of any of the above freaked me out.

So, on to the search for brown shoes. The links look helpful.

Eve, don’t worry, I won’t wear black.