Faster to charge cell phone while off?

A friend of mine constantly turns off her cell phone when she wants to charge it. This, predictably, leads to many missed calls. I asked her why she turns it off and she said, “It charges faster when off.”

My sense is that is wrong. I would think when plugged in the cell phone is powered by the wall outlet and not its own battery. But then I do not know…maybe it always runs off the battery even while plugged in. Even so I would think the minimal power usage when in stand-by is more than overwhelmed by the wall power. If it does in fact take longer to charge while on I would think it’d be measured in mere seconds longer…certainly nothing substantial enough to notice a longer charge time.

But in the end I don’t know hence the question.

It depends on the design of the phone and the charging circuits. It shouldn’t make much of a difference.

We’ve done this before, and yes, it’s faster.

Did a search, Board being really slow. Not seeing these former discussions though (not doubting you…more I am searching wrong).

And how much faster is faster?

It depends.
My iPhone charges maybe twice as fast. I would think a less power-hungry device would have ON/OFF charge rates that were closer.

I have a moto 9M, and to be honest I dont think there is a way to turn it off other than removing the battery and making it go dead …

My options in a meeting are to turn it to vibrate or silent.

Press and hold the Power/End key (red icon to the right of the center direction pad) for 3 seconds to power off. Press it again to turn it on.