fastest way to go from 0 to 60mph

Just to put this to rest, have a look at the table at

As you can see, 8.4 seconds is pretty average. Hell, a Ford Taurus goes faster than that, as do a number of trucks like the Chevy S-10, Sonoma, and even the gigantic GMC Yukon, which seats about 20.

Mercedes should have their hyperbole license revoked.

I don’t trust that list. It says my mustang gt coupe is just as fast as the svt mustang cobra. If that’s so, then what’s the extra $3,000 supercharger for?

Also, none of these cars were tested with 5 people in the car (not that it would be that much different as long as all cars were) which could add up and 600lbs or something.

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I believe that extra $3000 was for the dealer’s kid to get braces.

“even the gigantic GMC Yukon, which seats about 20…”

So c’mon and bring your juke box money!

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Hey! Someone got my obscure reference!

Maybe you should get a better TV and/or a pause control. The commercial “clearly” states this applies only when compared to other SUV’s. I think it’s lame.

For my money (outside the SUV arena), although not perhaps the fastest, is the Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon (which I believe has been replaced by the V70 Turbo). It was listed as an amusing addition to the “Fastest Cars Under $” in one of the car rags. The 850 Turbo Wagon could purportedly hurtle you, your S.O., your two kids, and the dog up to 149 mph. I don’t remember what 0-60 was, but it certainly wasn’t the 11 second slouch my Civic is.

Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Thank you, NeedaHobby. I should have known I missed something.

I guess from now on I’ll have to pay more attention to the commercials!

Fastest way? Probably a rocket powered car on the desert. Such a car actually exists.

Slowest? Probably a VW 65 bug, 0-60 in ninety days.

Note: 8.4 seconds? That is pretty slow. I hope they assume no americans can do the math.

I’m not even sure it’s the fastest SUV. Hell, I think my Ford Windstar will beat 8.4 seconds.

However, Mercedes does have a real screaming SUV in the wings for 2000. Go have a look at the specs on the M55. 0-60 in something like 6.1 seconds. In a 4000 lb SUV. That’s pretty amazing. I think the engine will have something like 360 HP. Of course, they want $90,000 for it, but at least a commercial for THAT one would have some credibility.

I know for a fact the ‘69 Charger is not a two seater, seein’ as how I got my first piece of ass in the back seat of one. And it’s not “vestigial,” either. I’m six foot four.

How tall was the other guy?

Just kidding, don’t hurt me, I’m way too little.

We live in an age that reads to much to be wise, and thinks too much to be beautiful–Oscar Wilde

The performance was really improved when they went to the massive 1300cc engine in '66. Mine would could hit seventy in a couple of minutes. Mind you it never went any faster than that on level ground. :slight_smile:

Well, it seems like metroshane, The Lion and Nickrz have pretty much conclusively disproven my uninformed statement that the Dodge Charger is a two-seater, but I’ve got to give the palm to Nickrz for sharing his special moment with us.

Here’s a question for Nick though: you remember the model of the car, but do you remember the name of your partner? :slight_smile:

The Excalibur Phaeton (2-seater with a Cadilac engine) does it in about 5 seconds, as I recall.

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Five adult humans crammed into a stalled out hyundai stopped in the fast lane will reach 60 mph in approximately 1/10 of one second-

After being hit by the Kenworth.

The commercial never mentioned surviving the acceleration.

Heh Heh.

The Poltergeist roller coaster at Fiesta Texas uses rail gun technology to accelerate 24 people from 0 to 60mph in 3.2 seconds (according to some advertisements).

      • Oh hell- - - what was the suv that had 4wd and could beat the corvette 0-60??? I thinks it was GMC Cyclone, perhaps? -
      • Four wheel drive is always an advantage; 4wd Eagle Talons were banned from SCCA racing because they were regularly beating RWD cars (Corvettes, Porches, etc.,) that had lots more power and larger tires. - MC

Can we be serious here for a second?

The average VW bug will go from 0-100 km/h in just under 3 seconds. Even with 5 people in it.

If you push it off a cliff.

Er, yeah, that was covered, Konrad. Thanks.

Metroshane: the extra 3000 bucks was for more power and accelleration above 60 mph. The Cobra can pass a semi at 80 mph like it’s standing still. The GT takes a little longer.


Close, MC. The Syclone was the two-seater pickup version, based on the S-10. The Typhoon is what you’re thinking of, a beefed up Jimmy. Both had turbocharged 4.3L V6 producing 280 horses, give or take. (The engines actually produced closer to 300 but the trannys couldn’t handle more than 280).

I’ve raced a few of 'em in my '96 vette and it’s about 50/50. A lot depends on the driver, too. They do have the advantage of AWD to keep the tires on the pavement.

As far as I know, the SCCA wouldn’t have Talons racing against Porches and Corvettes in competition because they would be in different classes.