Fat Mattress CD....35 yrs. later......

Just picked up the 1969 CD of Fat Mattress…
Yes, I had heard of them…No, I had never heard their music.
And Now,35 years later,I am a fan. An English band,fronted by Jimi Hendrix bassist
Noel Redding. Soft melodic psych, the songs feature 2 and 3-part harmonies.
I am looking forward to picking up their anthology.

Once you get that you can dump the one you have now, as the anthology appears to contain everything they ever recorded. I’ve only heard their first album, myself. “Mister Moonshine” and “Magic Forest” got a fair amount of “underground” FM radio play back in the day.

hey Biffy, The CD I bought of the first album contains 5 previously unissued songs.
These 15 are on the Anthology.The Liner notes say a 3rd album was scrapped so
it appears they make up the other 18 songs giving the Anthology 33 tracks.
The album also features rich keyboards including harpsicord.
The liner notes also add that Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell played percussion on
“Magic Forest”.