Fatal flaw in DS9

Deep space nine has one major flaw that has always bugged me. They make it very clear that the jem hadar and the vorta, with one exception, consider odo to be a god and would instantly obey any order he gives up to and including kill yourselves without question. So why doesn’t he ever take advantage of this fact?

My own impression was that he would view doing so as deeply unethical, though I haven’t watched the series recently so I can’t provide any specific references to back that up.

A number of reasons.

Odo would never make them kill themselves. Asking them to surrender would create a conundrum as Jemhadar don’t surrender. I believe some Jemhadar consider him a traitor.

When Odo DOES try and wield a little power…The Female Changeling completely manipulates the situation.

Rastafarianism has one major flaw that has always bugged me. They make it very clear that Rastafarians consider Haile Selassie I, the emperor of Ethiopia, to be a god and would have instantly obeyed any order he gave. So why didn’t Haile Selassie ever take advantage of this fact?

Ostriches are overrated.

Real life is so unrealistic.

Well, yeah, I’m aware that Haile Selassie supposedly denied his divinity; I was just trying to make a point rhetorically.

Speaking more plainly, I could point out that on at least one occasion Odo told one of his “followers” much the same thing that Haile Selassie did:

This is from the seventh-season episode Treachery, Faith and the Great River.

Just having fun. Jah bless.

Dunno about the Jemhedar, but with the Vorta it’s probably a bad idea to off them, as the next Weyoon they send through the worm hole might actually be worse than the last.

You wouldn’t necessarily need to have them off themselves, you could just go to dominion base and order them all to guard one worthless planet while you invade cardassia.

He’s not above it, one episode he pretends to be the female changling and has a jemhadar give garrack his weapon.