Faucet diagnosis

We have a Price Pfister Wakely faucet. A few months ago, the hole for a slow-moving saddle valve (that provided water to the refrigerator) was drilled out. Shortly afterwards, both my wife and I noticed a loss of pressure at the faucet. It’s not a dramatic loss, so we both thought it was an “is it me or?” situation and didn’t say anything right away.

There’s a slight loss of pressure and on some occasions it makes a squeeeeeekkky noise as if it’s trying to do a poor impression of a banshee. Key (I think) to finding out what’s going on is that the side sprayer has no loss of pressure.

My guess is that when making the hole for the saddle valve bigger a piece got dislodged and is blocking the flow (and occasionally making the noise)—but I can’t find it.

I’ve taken the thing apart. The aerator is fine, no blockage there. I pulled the faucet apart and inspected the cartridge as best I could and found nothing. I turned the water back on and the pressure out of the de-headed fixture was fine (had an unused plastic j-pipe to avoid comedic results).

So … now what? Just spend a couple bucks to replace the cartridge and hope that was it? Pour boiling water on it, break four chicken bones and chant “faucet, faucet, heal thyself!” three times? Am I missing any steps?

Hmmm… IANAP (plumber) But, according to the master plumber that has been doing all of my plumbing work for the past 15+ years, Price Pfister is on the low end, quality wise. :frowning: YMMV
You may just want to invest in a better quality faucet, if it’s giving you a recurring problem.