Faux movie reviewer from the Sixties?

Perhaps you all can help me. I remember reading once about a horror movie reviewer from, I think, the Sixties, who wrote reviews of movies no one had ever heard of. Eventually people started to get the idea that those movies never existed at all, and the “reviewer” was making stuff up. I seem to recall his name was rather flamboyant; can any of you tell me who this guy was?

Well, if it really was the 60s, that would rule out Joe Bob Briggs

(Not sure if you mean that the movies really didn’t exist or were merely obscure.)

Figured this out; it was F Gwynplaine MacIntyre, who frequently claimed to have seen “lost” movies and whose bogus reviews “litter” imdb, according to the folks at the Nitrateville forum: https://nitrateville.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7175

You call that flamboyant?

Well if he’s the one, it obviously wasn’t from the 1960s.

Did you remember him because he’s mentioned in today’s Straight Dope rerun column? Cecil seemed to believe that his review of the Stan Laurel film was legitimate, but from what those people on the Nitrateville message board said, he probably was just making it up.

He wrote a lot of things:


Since the OP has been answered, this is probably a good place to mention this book.

I read about it in Future Life magazine. “Reviews of non-existent books.”

I knew Froggy; he was quite a character. His death was a truly bizarre incident.

Damn. I have a book like that from an American author. It’s wonderfully done, but I can’t remember the name or title. Now I’m going to go crazy until I hunt it down.

This may also interest you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Manning_(fictitious_writer)