Faux news is coming around too! Let's here it for Fox!

The cracks are growing!


What is going on??


Maybe the strain of claiming that the Emperor was dressed in resplendent finery has worn them down.

“Okay, fuck it, he’s naked. I need a beer.”

What is going on is the fact that as a business, it is becoming impossible not to talk bout the truth. And if the eyeballs are in the possession of people that no longer believe the administration, news will appear to appeal that growing demographic.

Of course, overall, Fox still continues carring water for the administration:


On a total side note, anybody notice one of the links at the top of the page?

It’s time we new it, eh ?

:eek: say it ain’t sew!

I don’t no if I can do that, wring.
Surely you two are in the same position?

of coarse eye am

:smack: Of course! When the majority of people believed otherwise, it would be bad for business to mention those realities before!

[Cartman as a Fox reporter] If we had mentioned that news then it would have warped their fragile little minds!! [/CFr]

I tell you, that condescension would be enough for me to stop watching Fox news, but conservatives will continue watching ignoring the ride Fox gave to them.

I knew there was a reason I used here.

To be on the same level as Fox.


Don’t you guys read? The piece is commentary from a Fox News contributor who happens to be a former Democratic congressman.

Democrat criticizes Bush. Film at fucking eleven. :rolleyes:

Yeah… why we did not see that before in the “fair and balanced network”? :rolleyes:

Democrat criticizes Bush… on FOX NEWS.

Naw, nothing new, happens all the time. Fox is pretty much just a liberal mouthpiece anyways.

I’m guessing Moto thinks Fox has no editorial board.

Why would they need an editorial board when all they do is report the plain, unvarnished facts? Gibber. Greeb? Kitang, kitang, kitang! Nurse! Nurse!

Klatu Niktu Bara~cough cough~

What, I said it!?!

They tried, man. They tried like you wouldn’t believe. But they’re human beings who can only take so much.

Desert Storm was a cakewalk. It lasted, what, a week? Piece of cake covering for an administration for that long. Even Clintons escapades were just silly one-shot affairs, so he wasn’t much of a challenge. But month after month, year after year, bodies piling up, billions and billions of dollars down the hole, and absolutely no good news on the horizon…how the hell is any news outlet supposed to cope?

They’re starting to turn, and they’re only going to keep turning. Even a rat can’t live on nothing.

You’re guessing that Moto thinks.

They’re a business above all else. They cater to a demographic, and recently their ratings have been tanking. Looks like they’re simply aware of the new-majority anti-Bush sentiment in the US, are connecting that to their ratings, and are trying to get their audience back by retargeting their approach. But it doesn’t seem likely, does it, that this is the result of Rupert Murdoch having had some long, dark night of the soul.

“In a long, dark night of the spreadsheet, its always three o’clock in the morning.”

  • F. Scott Greenspan

Team Bush is DOOMED.