Favorability ratings.

Data harvested from this old 538 article and HuffPo current ratings. Really just for considerations.

Early stage (Jan to June) favorability ratings with winner placed on top (Favorable/Unfavorable/net):

Obama 41/42/-1
Romney 26/36/-11

Obama 43/28/+15
McCain 35/30/+5

Bush 40/41/-1
Kerry 28/27/+1

Bush 37/31/+6
Gore 32/36/-4

Clinton 48/36/+12
Dole 27/37/-10

Clinton 19/30/-11
Bush 38/41/-3

Bush 34/35/-1
Dukakis 34/18/+16

HuffPo Current

Clinton 41/53/-8
Sanders 50/38/+12

Trump 38/57/-19
Cruz 36/47/-9
Rubio 37/41/-4

The questions:

Imagining a Sander primary victory, do his numbers do a Dukakis and Kerry’s and crash under attack?

What direction do you expect everyone else numbers to go from here?

Wrong 538 link btw, in case anyone cares. Sorry. Right one.

Do you have any articles about favorability ratings from past primaries? That article is interesting, but it’s talking about favorability ratings in the general election, and it seems like things might be different in primaries. Look at Trump; he has a pretty good chance of being the nominee and he has the worst favorability rating of anyone right now.