Latest favorability polls

I’m not going to post these kinds of polls all the time, but this batch has some pretty big movements:

Trump’s favorability is still garbage, but he’s experienced an 8 point rise

Clinton has also seen slight improvement, three point gain since August.

Cruz is way up, one of only four candidates on either side viewed more positively than negatively, a 18 point rise.:

Jeb has actually gotten worse, with his unfavorables now as bad as Trump’s:

Rubio is also way up, 14 points, and has the best favorable/unfavorable of any candidate at 46-34:

Sanders is neutral, up in favorables but up even more in unfavorables, although still overall positive at 46-36:

Rubio and Cruz are the biggest movers. Some have argued that the more people get to know them, the less they’ll like them, but over the last three months the undecideds have moved more in their favor than against. Rubio is up 14 positive, 5 negative since September, Cruz up 18 positive, 4 negative.

In a Gallup poll asking Americans who the most admired man and woman in the world are, Obama and Hillary were #1 on each list, respectively, neither surprising. But what is surprising is who is tied with Pope Francis for #2… Donald Trump.

I didn’t know this site; thanks for the links. What I was curious about was this:
If X were Dem and Y were Pub, for whom would you vote?

One poll shows HRC only barely over DJT, 49 to 47 percent, with both Rubio and Cruz winning over her. But the other polls show Clinton with a hefty margin over Trump, but close or tied with Rubio or Cruz.

Trump seems to be tough to poll and has the widest variance in general election matchups. The problem could be that the polls measure registered voters and that perhaps Trump supporters are inconsistent about reporting whether or not they are registered or not. But that’s just a hypothesis.