Favorite 4th of July Theme Movies

I realize I’m a day late,:o but I keep missing one of my favorite movies :smack:that they show on TCM. It’s 1776 with William Daniels, Ken Howard,& Blythe Danner. I did get to see Yankee Doodle Dandy, still trying to find the bio pix of John Philip Sousa, other films I like to watch on the 4th are How The West Was Won, The Buccaneer, & Band Of Brothers. We do theme films during the holidays, during Christmas we watch almost all of the versions of A Christmas Carol that we own. Does any one else do theme movies during the holidays?

I missed the beginning of the TCM airing of 1776, but did get to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy, but since I have both of them on DVD I can watch them any time.

For a number of years one of my St Patrick’s Day traditions was watching The Quiet Man, which was always aired somewhere. Of course, since I now have that on DVD too, I don’t need to worry about trying to catch it on TV.

I know during the holidays I usually buy some DVD relevant to the season. I clean up on Bible movies at Easter & horror at Halloween! And I even get one or two actually watched!

I was really stoked to get a re-release the Lux Vide/CBS miniseries JESUS starring Jeremy Sisto, with Debra Messing as Magdalene & Gary Oldman as Pilate, this past Easter to find that it had the European ending, which was much better than the US one which was the only one available on DVD before.

The difference-

[SPOILER]US- The Risen Jesus commissions the Apostles, Mother Mary & Magdalene, then disappears into Light & they all come together in a group hug.

Euro- After Jesus disappears, the scene shifts to what seems to be a modern European harbor where Jesus walks in modern clothes gathering a multi-racial following of children.[/SPOILER]

When I was a kid, I remember WGN always playing the Jason Robards, George Segal (directed by Roger Corman) version of The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre around Valentine’s Day. But then they stopped for some reason. I was so happy to find it in a cheap DVD bin a few years ago and resurrected the tradition myself…TRM (who lives smack between the Biograph Theater and the former site of the SMC Cartage garage)

The Spirit of '76 for 4th of July.

Like the OP, it’s 1776 for me!

The Patriot

What, no love for Independence Day? :stuck_out_tongue: :d&r:

Actually, despite the razzing it gets for being scientiffically inaccurate, it is one of my faves.

Ditto, I like this movie. Call me sentimental, but when Randy Quaid looks at that photo, and his shoulders slump, knowing what he has to do, I get kind of choked up.

My wife, Shocker Khan, and I have just started a new July 4th movie tradition… Scorsese’s Cape Fear, due to the scene with the fireworks going off behind Max Cady as he sat on the fence outside of the Bowden’s home.

I love her, but I think My Beloved goes a bit overboard with holiday-themed movies. She isn’t kidding about watching all those versions of A Christmas Carol. We get together at her sister’s place, and every in-law that can make it for Christmas will watch, usually in the order they were released, every version they have. Sometimes in revenge I’ll make them watch A Blackadder Christmas Carol.

Born of the 4th of July

Well, maybe it doesn’t count

I try to watch both this and 1776 ever July 4th. First you do some singing and dancing about British tyranny, and then you blow up aliens. America!

(Also I have an inexplicable fondness for Will Smith, no matter how awful the movie may be.)

The Patriot

The Madness of King George

Independence Day (ID4)

The Music Man