Favorite band from Texas? Also, Does Texas Rock = Southern Rock?

LOVE them. I used to see them all the time at Hermann’s Hall.

I’m guessing that Austin barely counts, but if it does… Spoon.

Hey, I was born in Longview! Plus, it would be an amazingly long poll if I tried to get everybody. Excuses aside, I deserve a paddlin’.

Wow, I’d never noticed the second a in his last name. Spelling aside, I’m from Longview!

Ha! I went to junior high with David! Even for a big state, it’s pretty small. When I knew him, he was one of the nicest, most intelligent guys I’d ever met, and he already was a good guitarist.

Nah, I wouldn’t go so far as saying that we’re 100% original, nobody else can really make that claim, either. However, there is a tradition of Texas guitar playing. I feel it has a style of its own, and they’re not just copying the styles of elsewhere. It’s just not as simple to define as say, Chicago Blues, where you can say “it’s electrified Delta Blues”, and anyone familiar with the former style will have an idea of what you mean.

Umm, it’s the state capitol, and most of my friends have moved there for the music scene. It’d better count, and count hard and clear. 1-2-3-4!

I’m pretty blown away by all the love for Texas’ music. It’s really nice to see that our idiocy in politics has mostly left that untouched. Thanks, folks.


Is that the David Garza that pronounces his first name Da-veed? If so I saw him open and play backup for Fiona Apple at a show a few years ago and he was really great.

I’ll also recommend to everybody Alejandro Escovedo, also from Texas. If you haven’t given him a listen, check him out.

Are you from San Angelo? I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I got some in-laws there…:wink:

Texas is so damn big, there’s a lot of music going on - starting a list can start the conversation, mostly because folks want to point out what’s not on the list :wink:

Texas has wonderful music all around.

Bowling for Soup.

So did you ever date a Rangerette? Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

That’s the one.

How on earth did I forget Rank and File!?? They might be in my top 5…there is no denial!

Robert Earl Keen



Ed Hall, (their singer’s previous band, where he played drums) is a long-time favorite of mine, too.

Yep, the same. We just called him David, though.

No, I was born in Longview (really, I swear I was!), and grew up in the DFW area. No, Maserschmidt, I never dated a Rangerette, we moved to DFW when I was 18 months old. David and I went to Catholic jr. high together in Irving. I don’t think I’ve ever been to San Angelo.

Yep, that list can get pretty long, pretty quick. Texas’ size and space also allows the music scenes in each area to have a different flavor from each other. For example, David Garza got his start in Dallas, but he really took off when he moved to Austin. The scene down there is just more receptive to that kind of act. The articles Bridget Burke linked to up-thread does a pretty good breakdown of the regions. But, I must warn you - it is rife with slander from Houston, and they want to associate Houston with New Orleans for some reason. :rolleyes:

Cistercian by any chance? A bunch of my friends went to college at UD.

Also, good thread…some bands I haven’t heard of. Too bad Vibrolux and Princess Tex didn’t last; Kim Pendleton was hot!

The Austin Lounge Lizards.

Okay, now I’m getting all nostalgic for the bands I used to go see. Any of these ring a bell for anyone?

Three on a Hill
Shallow Reign
Princess Tex
Scratch Acid
Gary Myrick and (various bands)
Drama Tiki
Texas Instruments

I saw them in Deep Ellum a couple times back in the 90s. Great live band!

When I was a teenager I thought it was cool when they’d play a Fabulous Thunderbirds video on Friday Night Videos. It was cool that my hometown had a band, like people from New York or L.A. Then of course they had the iconic “Don’t Mess With Texas” ad.

So T-Birds, Lyle, and Spoon for me. Britt Daniel was born in Galveston and grew up in Temple, so he’s no Austin carpetbagger hipster. :slight_smile:

Oh, and shout out to Selena, Timbuk3 and Charlie Sexton!

Shout out on the hip hop tip to the Geto Boys (Houston) and The D.O.C. (Dallas)…

My contribution to “other” is Joe “King” Carrasco. If you get a chance to see him, you WILL dance your ass off.

Seconded! Here’s a video I shot of him and David Hildago of Los Lobos playing Neil Young’s Like A Hurricane. It is epic.

Nah, it was Holy Family of Nazareth. They only educate you through the 8th grade. When I graduated from there, I escaped back to public school. :slight_smile: However, I did know quite a few people who graduated from or at least attended UD, oddly enough.

I remember Three on a Hill and Shallow Reign very well, I worked a day job Peter Schmidt and Tench Coxe for awhile. Scratch Acid were an amazing band that I never got to see. Any of these ring a bell?

Lithium X-Mas <-- They did the world’s best medley. It was Wire’s Heartbeat and The Archie’s Sugar Sugar. They were actually a cover band, but they were almost all songs that I probably would have never heard if they didn’t cover them.
Light Bright Highway
M.C. 900 ft Jesus
The Loco Gringos
The Hickoids
Dooms U.K.

Slobberbone deserves a mention, too. If the Meat Puppets didn’t exist, they’d be my favorite cowpunk band. I may have seen them play a hundred times, they always kill. They still play shows, if you get a chance to see them, do it.

Another current band that I like a lot is The Fungi Girls. They’re awesome, but they’re breaking up soon.

Good pick, I still get the bass and organ parts for Party Weekend stuck in my head.

Grr, a day job with Peter Schmidt and Tench Coxe. Both very funny guys, BTW.

Has anybody mentioned Buddy Holly yet?

Fun fact: Stevie’s name was misspelled as “Vaughn” on the album credits for David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. So don’t feel so bad.