Yup, that pretty much sums up Texas

Listening to the radio in the car today, the station was using the feed from NBC News coverage of the Columbia accident. Brian Williams was interviewing a rancher from Texas who had witnessed the incident and Brian asked him what the town he lived in was like.

The guy said, (With appropriate Texas twang) “Well, the Texas prison system and Wal-Mart are what keep the town going.”:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t be very proud if that, but then again it is Texas, so they have to take what they can get.


I reckon our Black Gold ~ Texas Tea is not worth much to boast about.

I guess our accents don’t get us very far in life either what with the decline of Country music and all.

Most men find my southern accent sexy.

Wal-Mart and prison doesn’t even come remotely close to “summing up” Texas. It doesn’t even come close to summing up Arkansas. Texas is one of the best damn states in this hyar Union. We do not have to “take what we can get”, because we got a lot more than most places can offer. Come visit sometime, maybe it’ll open your eyes.

-neuro, deep in the Heart

Yeah. Ya damn carpetbaggin Yankee!


Some of my best friends are Texans.

Don’t be trashing them, if you please.

[sub]Or even if you DON’T please.[/sub]

It is a VERY big state, and therefore it has LOTS of different points of pride. Sheesh…it is so big it even has lots of different WEATHER. All at the same time.

One ignorant redneck does NOT represent a state that is big enough to encompass TWO of my states…size-wise, anyway.

Thank you very much.


PS…I live in WA…one of the liberal states, some say.

Sssssshhhhhhhhh!!! Let 'em think what they want, there’s too many folks here already!

Isn’t it funny how people assume that everyone with a twang in their speech is an idiot? Isn’t it funny how one way to define an idiot is “someone who makes broad assumptions about huge sectors of the population they clearly know nothing about”? And man, those incest/toothlessness/overalls/Deliverance/ignorance jokes just never get old! They’re funny and breathtakingly original, every single time!

Servant, welcome to the boards. Please keep in mind that there are something like 30,000 users registered, from all over the world. If you disparage a place, any place, you are certain to hear from someone who lives there, loves it, and can probably teach you something about it.

“Never ask a man if he’s from Texas. If he is, he’ll let you know. If he ain’t, you don’t want to embarass him.”

Please don’t invite the guy for a visit. Can’t we stamp out ignorance long distance? Send him a subscription to Texas Highways, maybe?

I’m a Texan too, and I can laugh at Texas and Texan stuff. I’m proud of where I was born, but ya gotta have a sense of humor about stuff.

With that being said, go to hell ya damn yankee.

Don’t be talkin’ about my cousin like that. I live just a few miles north of Palestine. I went to high school there(last syllable rhymes with green). We had shit scattered all over us. I put out two fires today myself. There has been a lot of damage done today. The physical damage, will be bad enough the emotional damage…we’ll see.

My brother lives just south of Palestine, his neighbor had some debris wipe out part of his barn. A little farther south they found some human remains.

I was sitting on my front deck this morning at 8:00 drinking a cup of coffee. You can’t imagine how loud it was.


I think I speak for us all when I say that the people of Texas seem to handled themselves very well throughout this tragedy. We make fun of you, but the rest of us know very well how important and dependable you are when the chips are down.

As for the jokes, hey, look where I live…

I had some friends who went to Stephen F. Austin University in Nacadoches. At the time I thought Waco was small (not really, over 200,000 in the greater area).

The town is also referred to as Naca-nowhere.

East Texas is a unique part of Texas, which has many unique areas. Maybe the most likely place to find wayward stills or meth labs. The Texas drawl in that area is very different than the rest of Texas.

Walmart is coming after YOU.

Sum up Texas?!

Riiiight. That’ll happen easily. Easy, insightful sound byte there!


[sub]Who lived in Texas for a year[/sub]

Judging solely from the quoted comments, it doesn’t sound like the man’s particulary proud of it.

I watched CNN and heard people calling in with their version of the event.

I find the texan twang endearing …almost soothing… but the person I was watching it with, had to turn the channel because he couldn’t stand hearing the terrible grammar. It pained him.

OP, you’ve missed a lot of Texas. But I don’t get the impression that anything outside of the narrow and petty is of interest to you

Our astronauts died today, pushing the envelope. Perhaps it’s funny to you that it happened over Texas.

It’s really not funny.

My mother is a Texan by birth and current address. She’s a mother baby nurse and one of the finest in her field. She specializes in neonatal ICU and has saved many lives, once just because she could hear a sight murmur through her stethescope that no one else could hear. The doctor trusted her enough to put the kid in surgery and sure enough, the baby would have died and no one would have known why until the autopsy. She has skills that they don’t even teach younger generations of nurses anymore. She has certifications as a level III critical care nursery nurse, greif counselor, and SANE counselor (she cares for rape victoms and is a professional witness in the trials resulting from rape cases she’s worked on.)

Everywhere has it’s ugly side and if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll find. Try looking for the good instead.

I think you could insert any number of state’s names in the comment, and it would be true, given that the other factors were equal. Take an area that formerly relied on farming as the major source of income, take that away, then bang! Wal-Mart, prisons and the occaisional chicken-rendering plant sound pretty good. It’s not like Apple’s gonna come down and turn them all into latte-sipping sophisticates or something.
I grew up in Arkansas, where most folks have what people in other parts of the country would call an accent. It’s not too heavy, as I am educated, live in a big city now and watched my fair share of television in my formative years. But I still get “that smirk” from some folks when I’m talking to them. I may be good at what I do and of above average intelligence, but some people associate me with racist, cousin-fucking trailer trash, just because I have an accent. :rolleyes: But of course, Southerners are the prejudiced ones…

Being [temporarily] engaged to a texan, I got the impression that Texas was only begrudgingly a part of the united states.

I figure when they seceed from the nation, we can pick up Canada without changing our flag! :smiley: