TEXAS POSTERS! Stand up and be counted!!

Ok, here’s the thread for a roll-call of all the posters from Texas. Here’s what I wanna know:

  • Where you’re from (area is fine, you don’t have to give your city, if you don’t want to - those of you from Dallas, I wouldn’t blame you if you just claimed “NorthEast Texas”)
  • What you do for a living
  • What you love/hate about Texas or where you live specifically
  • Anything else you think might be interesting…

I know a few already, and they’re free to put in their own $.02:

  • lieu
  • Wang-Ka
  • CRorex
  • Blonde

I’ll start:

  • Hill Country (Kerrville)
  • Wireless LAN’s for Medical Info Systems for an international company based in Kansas City, MO
  • I love just about everything…maybe more details later

Ok folks…GO!

  • Dirk

Texas Panhandle

I work in manufacturing.

I love Texas, I just like the Texas state of mind. I was born here, and have not seen the whole world yet, but I will always call Texas home.

San Antonio.
Television and Film production.
I’ve traveled a lot but like coming back to this great town.
It’s a great homebase. Centrally located with cool day trips all around.
Really proud to be a Texan.

Remember the Alamo, remember Goliad!

-Clear Lake City
-Currently “downsized”, formerly a mudlogger/field geologist in the Gulf of Mexico (10 years).
-Whatever you want, it’s in Texas somewhere, just name it.
-I am into vintage British and European motorcycles and I sell pins (badges if you prefer) at rally’s and on Ebay. Plus I am a shooter (but not a hunter).


Hi y’all!

-Sales/Acct. Receivable for a hydraulic seals company
-Texas reminds me a lot of my home state of GA and for that I love it! The people are friendly and the weather is (usually) warm.
-Interesting…well, they play softball almost year 'round down here, and that’s one of the coolest things I’ve found in the past five years. I also first attended the Ren Faire near Houston last year and this year. I’m told it’s one of the country’s largest (everyone say it with me now: Everything’s bigger in Texas!).


-Houston, most of the time.
-I’m a college student.
-I hate the blasted summer heat and humidity, and the traffic is absolutely horrendous. On the other hand, I like the people, and I like that Houston has just about everything as long as you take the time to drive to it. Sports, museums, restaurants, theaters…
-I love the variety of people and places you can find in Texas, and because of that I hate to see Texans stereotyped as being all cowboys or rednecks. Luckily, that stereotype appears to be on the decline. :slight_smile:


  • Frisco
  • High school student
  • I’m not really digging it so far (only lived here since July). Seems a bit too uptight for my tastes, but who knows…I may grow to like it. The weather is getting awesome as we head toward November, though.


Yay, I’m here, ya’ll.

  1. I’m from the Houston area. Grew up in Cypress, but now I’m in Houston near Bellaire.

  2. I work part-time as a data entry clerk, and I’m hopefully in my last year at UH.

  3. What I love about Texas is the Tex-Mex food. What I hate most about it would be the summers, the traffic, the lack of large park areas with nice walking trails that I can take advantage of, the fear that keeps me from biking to work, and the lack of women that find me attractive or date-worthy.

  4. Let’s see… I like to write and have three ideas for different stories to write; I lack the discipline and creativity to follow through on my story ideas. I have a love/hate relationship with building webpages. I’m an MIS major and former music education major. I’ve been to a HouDopeFest. I recently gave my cat a bath. I have a new cell phone that flip open like an old Star Trek communicator (this will greatly aid me when I don my pajamas and play Star Trek in my apartment with my cat). I watch way too much Cartoon Network (and right now, The Big O confuses me). I build Zoids models and prefer the first anime series to the second and current ones. I’m a Trekkie. I’m a horrible speller, and my hands tend to out-pace my mind.

I can be found in the hills north of San Antonio, in a house full of canned food and shotguns.

Mind the perimeter. It’s mined, you know.

  • Houston, as well…

  • graphic / multimedia / web designer

  • Loopus nailed what I was going to say. the incrediable amount of variety of things… to do, to eat, hangout, people to meet. always amazes me.

  • however, the industry that I work in (oil / gas / energy) is not that great for creativity… so I’m looking to move to austin whenever I find a job there. but, not leaving texas anytime soon.

Wow…I seem to have lured a lurker out of the woodwork. Welcome, michael_trevino.

Seem to be quite a few folks from Houston-area…

Interesting thing about me: I’m an 8th-generation Texan, so these roots of mine go DEEEEEEEP. In addition, I’m a direct descendant of one of the Austin 300 settling families who was also a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico…

I swear sometimes you worry me…where are you, up off of 281 somewhere? Anyway, I’ve got a few anti-social, survivalist notions myself…drop me a line! In all seriousness, I’d surely like to get a chance to chat with you sometime - my e-mail is in my profile…

  • Dirk

What? Not me? I’ve started so many threads just based off of the fact that I’m from Texas. I’m hurt.

  • north Houston
  • Student
  • Texas is home to me. There’s so much I’ve grown to love here. The biggest downside is the pollution and that Houston is such an -unfortunately- ugly city.
  • We had a lot of rain the other day. So much that the creeks/streams/ditches/parking lots in town were all super flooded. Guess who went swimmin in the filthy water but avoided a Staph infection like a good southern boy should?

We gots lots of trees though, which is nice about livin in Big Thicket country.

Them’s fighting words, cowboy! :smiley:

  • Dallas proper until about a year ago, now I live in Richardson (just north of Dallas)
  • CPA/Controller (yawn)
  • I hate the traffic!
  • How ABOUT those Dallas Cowboys??

How about them, Blonde. Who’d have thought that Parcells could have them winning 4 in a row? (5 if they beat the damn Falcons like they should have)

Northeast of Houston (also south of Houston, we’re surrounded) We can be on the San Jacinto River or Lake Houston in about ten minutes if the boat is already gased up.


Hot and humid.

Nothing interesting to note at the moment.


Student/bookstore clerk

What don’t I love about Austin?

The rooms in UT’s education building are apparently not numbered according to any identifiable logic.

Where you’re from: Austin

What you do for a living: You tell me. No, seriously.

What you love about Texas: It really is a whole other country.

What you hate about Texas: Can’t believe I’m the first to mention Mack Brown.

Anything else you think might be interesting: When I’m overseas and somebody asks me where I’m from, I say “Texas”.

When I was at the Bullock State History museum and saw Travis’s final letter from the Alamo, I got choked up.

Sam Houston is my hero.

Can you believe they’re at the top of our division? And next up is Detroit!! It’s quite exciting, I tell you - I work across the street from the 'Boys practice facility in Valley Ranch, TX. I may just have to walk over and tell them we are in shock and so happy that they’re winning…eh, I may have to rephrase that a wee bit.

Fort Worth.

My main job right now is being a mom (pending. The offical mom stuff doesn’t happen until December). I also have a small business making custom buttons/pins. Amazingly, it’s doing well! Amazed me, anyway.

Hate: In general, the closed minds that reside here. The pollution.
Love: In general, the people are really nice. Whle I wouldn’t mind living elsewhere, I will always consider Texas my home. Yehaw, y’all.