Favorite beat drops?

This week I’ve been jamming out to this song: “Feels Right (Galloway Remix)” Jocelyn Alice

I can’t get enough of the beat, where it starts the crescendo at 1:46 and drops at 2:24. Just wondering if anyone out there can recommend some more killer beat drops.

Do you mean like what happens repeatedly here, eg at 1:52 and 2:19?


Psytrance is your friend!

Leftfield - Song of Life at about 4:30

Leftfield - Space Shanty at 1:36

Bedrock Feat. KYO - For What You Dream Of at 1:40

Thomas Tallis - Third Mode Melody (Natlife 5 Late Century Mix) [Music Video] [NatLife Recordings] NSFW - gratuitous chick in bikini.

Classical tune enters at 2:40
Various beat drops at 1:30 and from 3:40 on
What would have Thomas Tallis and Ralph Vaughan Williams thought?

Uptown Funk is a good one.

I thought of it because your post made me think of this adorable little girl who knows exactly where the beat comes down in this song...

Just watched the vid you posted OP, it made me think of Sia’s Cheap Thrills, you might enjoy the beat drops in this one too…

“Bangarang” by Skrillex has some good ones. At about :25 and 1:18 (the same drop pretty much) At about 2:10 it goes out like the OP’s song and drops hard at 2:46.

I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase before but I’ll give it a go, would the transition at 2:30 count for Cvrches “Clearest Blue”?

Absolutely. The phrase makes more sense in a DJ set I guess, eg in this more clubby tune. Drops all over the shop, the one after 4:10 is huge

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access

Within Destruction - Human Defect at :45 and :55 are my favorites in this song.

We Are Obscurity - Chaos at :22

Beat drops are pretty common in thrash, death metal, beatdown, slam and even grindcore; those are just a couple of recent fun examples.

About 1 minute into Sir Sly’s “& Run”, they drop some strong beats. And again at about the 2 minute mark.

But when will the bass drop?

More non-electronic dance music examples:

This AxCx album is basically a compendium of dropped beats.

Cephalic Carnage - “9 Feet of Smoke” - the most prominent ones @ :18, 1:13, 1:43, and
(these guys are real stop-start-y buggers)