Favorite beer-mixed cocktail?

This might be absolute heresy for some/most but I was reading an article on cocktails (here) and it listed a Steam Roller as a “sophisticated drink every man should know.”

I had not heard of a steam roller before. For those who haven’t either:

Now, accuracy or merit of the article aside, I started wondering of all the beer-based cocktails out there. The Shandy comes to mind. Boilermakers (shudder). Anything else? Anything particularly tasty? Spring is forthcoming.

I don’t know that it’s really a cocktail but last time I was at my parents, we tried making black and tans. I successfully made one for my dad but my black and tan was more of a brown. I thought they were pretty good actually. I’ve always found guinness to be a bit boring as a beer and the pale ale helped ginger it up a bit.

I’m a big fan of the Michelada myself. Perfect summer drink.

Tomato-less version.
Clamato version.

Here’s a list of a bunch. I have to admit, the Lambic Sangria sounds interesting.

I once un-non-alcoholic’d an O’Doul’s by adding a shot of vodka. Does that count?

I’m torn between considering you a fool who is unclear on the concept, or a genius who made do with the supplies on hand. As for if it counts as a beer cocktail, I think all you need is a catchy name and you’re golden.

I was at one of my favorite pubs with some drinking buddies. Made the mistake of ordering a Black Widow once, thinking that it’d be a manly drink, seeing as how it is named after a deadly spider. They don’t list the ingredients on their beer cocktails - just the names.

Shortly thereafter, I was greeted w/ a purplish drink (had cider in it) that looked like it was missing a cocktail umbrella. I still haven’t lived that down.

A recent thread on this subject-Let’s Talk Beer Cocktails.

I dub that one (a shot of booze dropped into a nonalcoholic beer) the “13th Step.”

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I’d like to think of myself as a high-functioning alcoholic MacGyver, but really I’m just a man who likes beer and has extremely low standards. :wink:

Good one!

I’ll have one of those with my “Hypocrite Burger”( a veggie burger topped with bacon).

Given that St Germain is only 7 years old, I’m not surprised.

Personally, I like depth charges and snakebite.

beer cocktails? i guess theres something im missing because all of the hard liquiors besides jagermeister ive mixed with beer usually make the beer clumpy and gross
jagermeister spice mixed with beer is actually pretty good though

Unless your idea of hard liquor starts and ends with Bailey’s Irish Cream, I’m not sure how your beer gets “clumpy”.

meh,i have irish whiskey,rum,bourbon,etc.so no,but from thinking about it.that might of been what i used,i just figured that hard liquior in general made it “clumpy”