Favorite Board Game?

Is there a game that you have in your closet that comes out more than any other? Is it one of the standards like Monopoly, Clue or a classic like Chess or Go? Or is it some hidden treasure that nobody else seems to know about but everyone enjoys when you introduce it to them.

In a game I look for little downtime between your turns and enough strategy that it doesn’t degenerate into a die-rolling contest or a version of Candyland with less scary illustrations.

Around our house the champ is Klaus Tueber’s magnum opus The Settlers of Catan. This little German wonder has entertained everyone to whom we have taught it, including my grandparents. Lots of good interaction and a nice board to boot.

Any other nominees?

But I like Candyland because of the illustrations. It is my favorite boardgame.

::looks around:: Hey, stop laughing I’m serious!


and Mrs. Rastahomie and I sometimes play Monopoly.

Chess, followed closely by backgammon.

Although there’s a lot to be said for a good game of Mousetrap.

Chess, followed by backgammon.

Do those old Avalon Hill strategy games count? I loved Blitzkreig and Starship Troopers.

Is Careers still around? That was far and away my fave.

The one that comes out of my closet every time : D comes home to visit is Monopoly, German Monopoly, or French Monoply

I HATE THEM ALL! But what’s a soft-hearted daddy to do?

A group of friends of mine comes over 1-2 Saturday nights a month to play Monopoly. The only trouble is that we all work in commercial real estate, so it becomes insanely competitive and complicated. There have been two walk-outs and several contingent purchase contracts put into writing. One of these days I’ll have to get it on video.

Trivial Persuit

Cards- Rummy, poker, blackjack

Encore (the original version, not the new one, which I understand sucks rocks)
Memory Madness (almost guaranteed to end with a major argument on the acceptability of an answer)

alansmithee -

I bet you and your friends would really like Acquire. Lots of real estate deals and a good deal of strategy. This game is a classic. I have an edition from the early 70’s which is holding up well after several hundred playings. Best thing is that a single game lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Like we ever play a single game.

[li]Squabble (er… uh, Scrabble*)[/li]
*If I score less than 200 points it’s Hari Kari time!

Am I the only one who plays the Mad Magazine game? :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know about you but I sure love conquering the world in Risk. The best way to exhibit your megolomaniacal tendencies in a controlled environment.

bluemonchichi, i agree with you 100% - candyland is the best game ever!

i carried the board (not the box. not the pieces. just the board) with me everywhere from the ages of, roughly, 5 to 7 and a half. to school. the park. to the bathroom. to bed. everywhere. it was like a pet, or an imaginary friend, only not imaginary, and ever since i have held that it was the best damn game ever.

shoots and ladders was too busy moralizing, and that game with the cherries was all concerned with basic math skills, but the only thing candyland cared about was fostering a healthy appreciation for confection. two thumbs up.

Axis & Allies. My guide to world domination.

“Mostly Harmless :wally”

Thanks for the tip. I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ll have to check it out.

SouprChckn - I’ve only played Risk once, and while it was fun in retrospect, at the time it sure seemed like a big chunk o’ time to invest. Now that you’ve mentioned it, though, I’ve got to play again.

SouprChicken & ExTank: Yes! I love Axis & Allies (of course, I’ve played it a sum total of twice), but world domination of any flavor is my game. I also like Diplomacy and Republic of Rome.

I knew I liked ExTank (even if by his name he is an ex-treadhead) Axis and Allies rock.

Another great game in that series by MB is Shogun (now known as Samurai Swords. Conquering feudal Japan one province at a time!

Axis and Allies all the way.

Hey Xgemina, ExTank, the 2 of you ever try any expansion packs for A&A? A friend of mine got one a couple months ago but the game seems way unbalanced (land mines and V2 rockets for just $1 each, etc). I don’t think it is official.