Favorite Coen brothers movie

I admit I’ve only seen 7 of them, but I’m casting my vote for “O Brother”.

I hope to see the other 6 before too long…

I’m casting my vote for The Dude.

The Dude. No question in my mind. The Coens have made many, many good movies, but there’s only one Dude.

Almost voted for Miller’s Crossing and have to give props both to Fargo and Lebowski, but the one I most enjoy revisiting is O Brother.

Have to go with the Dude. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but it never gets old.

Close runner ups would be O Brother, and Fargo.

Thing is, I like them all to varying degrees, but the one that drew me to their work, and the one that always makes me laugh, is Raising Arizona. That absurdist humor is what I think of first when I think of the Coens, even given their more serious work.

The Dude abides.

Oh Brother, something about how all the pieces fit together

Barton Fink was the first Coen Brothers film I ever saw, at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. Maybe not their best, but pretty darn good, and always my sentimental favorite.

ETA: I absolutely loved No Country for Old Men. It is probably my critical favorite. But I love just about every one, truth be told.

Good poll.

Oh, and I liked O Brother best. Followed closely by the Dude, Hudsucker, & Fargo in that order. Good stuff all.

I went for the Dude. Plenty of great stuff to say about the others but I can just settle into any scene in The Big Lebowski and feel satisfied.

Hard choice. In the end I went with the Duderino, but I wavered among* Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing* and O Brother.

Which six haven’t you seen, Doc?


Miller’s Crossing
Barton Fink
The Hudsucker Proxy
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Intolerable Cruelty
The Ladykillers

Fargo, no question.

Barton Fink was my first Coen Brothers film and, as a previous poster mentioned, I also saw it in Madison - not at the same theater, though. It really made me appreciate John Goodman’s acting abilities.

As much love as I have for The Dude, I have to go with Fargo on this one. Marge Gunderson is wonderful.

Fargo is one of my favorite shows and my favorite Coen Brothers film.

The only one I haven’t seen is Intolerable Cruelty, which I guess I’ll get around to seeing someday.

I had a hard time choosing between Miller’s Crossing and The Big Lebowski, but voted for Lebowski. They’re both eminently quotable (as most of their movies are), but I love the way Lebowski stands the film noir conventions on their collective heads, while Miller’s Crossing is more straightforward (though brilliantly done).

I’m also a big fan of Raising Arizona, O Brother, and Barton Fink.

I haven’t been able to sit through The Big Lebowski, despite the presence of Jimmie Dale Gilmore. I keep waiting for the story to start. What’s going on?!? Obviously, I just don’t get it and need to try harder with that one. I love the others (haven’t seen Intolerable Cruelty) and voted for No Country for Old Men. Raising Arizona and Fargo are the ones I watch most often.

The Dude is a close second to Arizona, for me

The dude abides.