Favorite currently-running comic strips?

Mine are Baby Blues, Zits, Crabgrass, and I’ve recently gone back to reading Wallace the Brave.

Pearls Before Swine

Non Sequitur
Sally Forth

Can they be re-runs?
‘Get Fuzzy’ - never gets old.
‘Wallace the Brave’ is so cute!
‘Cul de Sac’ - adorable, clever and droll.
‘Mary Worth’ - maddening, slow moving, gets the MST3K treatment online.
‘Pearls Before Swine’ - excellent.
‘Luann’ - gets a LOT of comments online.
‘Mutts’ - still enchanting.

I look forward to new Doonesbury every Sunday.

My 6 dailies are Dilbert, Non Sequitur, Pearls Before Swine, Phantom, Sherman and Zits. Seriously thinking of dropping Zits, same old crap in a new package ever few months.

I have 16 in the Comics I Follow on gocomicsdotcom: Get Fuzzy, Cul de Sac, Calvin & Hobbes, Breaking Cat News, Frazz, Doonesbury, Candorville, Pearls Before Swine, Tom the Dancing Bug, Super-Fun-Pak Comix, 9 Chickweed Lane, Brewster Rockit, That Is Priceless, Lio, La Cucaracha, and Non Sequitur.

I’m considering dropping Chickweed Lane. It seems a bit self-indulgent a lot of the time. I already eighty-sixed Pibgorn.

The Phantom
Dick Tracy
Judge Parker
Pearls Before Swine
Safe Havens

I love me some “Non Sequitur”, especially when Danae’s up to her usual hijinks. Someone should introduce her to Caulfield from “Frazz”. Jason and Marcus from “FoxTrot” would really liven up their party as well.

On the opposite tack, my favorites are the ones that Josh, The Comics Curmudgeon, snarks at.

Laughing at the absurdities is the only way I’d be reading Funky Winkerbean or REX MORGAN M.D., but I’m now mesmerized by the trainwreck that is Mary Worth (esp. the earlier storyline where horrible Wilbur commits suicide but washes up on an resort island and spends a week there before letting his family know).

And the snark has got some depth. Josh started out Sunday’s critique with:

One of the parts of big-picture cosmology stuff that I find hardest to get my head around is what it means to say “the universe is expanding,” which it is, and if I’m understanding things right this doesn’t just mean that individual stellar objects are continuing to move outward from the Big Bang origin point into the void, but that the fabric of spacetime itself is in some sense spreading out.

Weirdly, I might’ve just gotten a little insight into this from today’s Mary Worth

Baby Blues
Pearls Before Swine
Sherman’s Lagoon

Btw, I love Judge Parker because it is a magnificent train wreck of a strip. If they found a winning lottery ticket it would be infected with bubonic plague. All plans turn to shit in this strip.

You know how the Sally Forth family sometimes fantasizes changing their names and going off and becoming Rich People? My fanwank is that Judge Parker is them, after succeeding at it.

Baby Blues
For Better or For Worse
Pearls Before Swine

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!
Barney & Clyde
Baby Blues

Safe Havens is written by Bill Holbrook, who also writes Kevin and Kell. The characters look somewhat alike.

He also does On The Fastrack, which is in the same universe as Safe Havens.

I’m asking for collections of Krazy Kat and Dick Tracy strips for my birthday.

Baby Blues
Pearls Before Swine

And the current republishing of:

The Far Side
Calvin & Hobbes
For Better Or For Worse

When it comes to Dick Tracy, which decades are you most interested in?