Favorite Finger

My favorite is my right index finger.

What is your favorite finger on you own hand?

Isn’t that fairly obvious, unless someone is left handed? Of course, some people with bad tempers might list their middle finger. I’m right handed, so just to be contrary I’ll say my ring finger. That may just make you want to give me that middle finger signal. :wink:

Why not choose the ring finger? The index is the primary; the middle is the longest; the little is the smallest, and the thumb is opposable. Those are common - we’re used to them; bored of them. The ring finger is the ultimate “other” finger, the “alternate” to all the rest. “Alternate” is unusual and interesting. And since most people are right handed, the left hand is also the alternate. I’ll second kniz on this one, but not for the sake of being contrary. :smiley:

I am right handed, but my favorite finger is my left index finger!

Mary Ann Martensen, in 4th grade behind the gym.

I’m left handed, and I’m going to go with my left ring finger, writing callous and all, because it just looks nice.

In an antique joke, a guy is teaching his grandson the names of his digits. “And this,” he said, holding up his longest finger, “is the pleasure finger!”

“Why’s that, Grandpa?”

“This is the one I use to ring up sales on the cash register!”

(Some folks told that one as an ethnic joke, but I don’t think it’s any funnier that way.)

Bwa ha ha!

I’ve got to say left pointer index finger. And I’m right handed.

What are we learning from this?

“pointer index finger”? WTF? Christ, I think I meant to delete one of those two words. :rolleyes: