Boys and girls, look at your fingers (a poll)

I just read an interesting but useless piece of trivia.

Place your hand palm down against a flat surface. Look at your first and third fingers (the pointer and ring finger). According to what I read, on men the ring finger is noticeably longer than the pointer. On women, they are the same length.

I checked my fingers and was reassured of my own manliness. Granted, I could have used this same hand to perform a more traditional anatomical gender check, but this trick has the advantage of being performable in mixed company.

So in the interest of science, I invite everyone to check their fingers and post the results.

Er… my ring finger’s longer.

My ring finger is longer. I’m female.

If this is a definitive test for normality, this here dumb Y chromosome passes.

Cite? This doesn’t ring true.

The longer a man’s fingers are relative to his height, the more likely he is to suffer from depression

Boys with shorter ring fingers suffer a greater risk of heart-attack as young adults

Men with ring fingers much longer than their index fingers are more fertile

Lesbians have longer ring fingers than index fingers, especially on their right hands
There’s heeeaps of scientific magic in the lengths of our fingers! :slight_smile:

Oh, to summarise, it is supposed to be a testosterone thingy.

More testosterone → more heart attacks, more depression, more sperm, more baldness, more masculinity, etc. (There’s a million Google results available, should anyone be interested in checking out the veracity of the science. I have no idea whether it’s accurate or not.)


More testosterone → longer ring fingers.
Well, so they say. :slight_smile:

Just checked, and it appears that I am all woman, according to that method of gender validation - heh.

Thanks for posting this, in order to alleviate my fears, I still wasn’t sure after giving birth to three kids! :wink:


Hmm, here I am, steeped in all my 36 week pregnant glory, with ring fingers longer than my index fingers. Hmph.

Ring finger is a bit longer on both hands. I´m male, so I guess that adds support to the thesis.


Ring fingers 1cm longer than index fingers.

My ring fingers are slightly shorter on both hands.

I guess I must be some kind of freak :smiley:

Lady right hand, hermaphrodite left hand (fingers same length).

Ring finger just barely longer than index.

Heterosexual female with longer ring fingers here… once again, I’m a freak. That’s for once again reassuring me I have not fallen into the abyss of normality

Male, 26 yr.
Left Hand - Ring finger 1 cm longer than forefinger
Right Hand - Forefinger 2-3 mm longer than ring finger

My index fingers are slightly longer than my ring fingers, guess I’m a freak too :slight_smile:

on my left hand, my ring finger is longer than my pointer.
on my right hand, my pointer is longer than my ring finger.

I’m a woman. a rather manly one, I guess! :eek:

Female checking in.

Left hand: Ring finger noticably longer than the index finger
Right hand: Ring finger slightly longer than the index finger

Male, ring finger slightly longer on both hands.