Favorite Genres?

So, what’re your favorite Genres, and why? Be it in Books, Movies, Comic Books, Roleplaying Games, TV Shows, whatever.

I’m rather fond of Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery), Light Scifi (including Superheroes), Pulp, and Noir. They have good “action” levels and lend themselves to snappy dialogue and cinematic (somewhat over the top) sequences.

I don’t care as much for Hard Scifi (too stodgy), or Westerns (though there are occasional exceptions) or Romance.

Amongst the ‘supergenres’ of Drama, Comedy, and their lovechild Action, I favor the non-dramatic, but I enjoy all three.

I’ll play :slight_smile:

When it comes to TV shows, almost every show I watch falls into one of three catogories: Supernatural, Job-related(particularly medical/FBI), or Drama-with-young-characters; these overlap a lot in many cases. I don’t like reality shows for the most part, or westerns, or sports, or anything with all of the cast being over 30 (which is odd, given I watched many shows like Sisters and The Golden Girls when I was a kid) and very few comedies or things based in space.

This summer I’m watching The 4000, The Grid, Missing(formerly 1-800-Missing), Summerland and The Days. I watch too much TV, but I like TV!

Movies? I like romantic comedies to a point, but most chick flicks don’t do anything much for me; I’d rather watch an action movie, honestly. But it has to be a certain type of action movie. Hitmen good(but not the mob), wars after 1900 bad. Guns and swords good, but big battle scenes bad - guess which LOTR movie was my least favorite. I like more dramas and comedies in movies than TV, which I guess makes sense given that I usually get bored of sitcoms within two seasons.
Books aren’t too different. I like fantasy, horror, supernatural, drama, historical and YA. I rarely read books intended to be funny, or, again, set in space. I’ve avoided hard scifi by chance. And I don’t read non-fiction unless it’s a. a (auto)biography b. instructional.

I’m very fond of the SF subgenre known as Alternate History – you, stories about how history would have turned out if the South won the Civil War, if Hitler won WWII, etc. Harry Turtledove has turned out nine full-length (very, very full-length) novels about the USA and the CSA coexisting on this continent. (Hint: They don’t get along very well.)

Check out Uchronia: The Alternate History List, at www.uchronia.net. It’s an attempt to compile a complete list, with short reviews, of every AH novel or short story ever published.

Color me noir.

Other than that, my tastes are so wide-ranging it’s probably easier to identify the genres I don’t care for than the ones I do. No rom-coms, no westerns, no juvenile or grossout humor, absolutely no 20th century warfare, no Lifetime-style “women in jeopardy”, no home improvement shows, no technofetishistic thrillers (I’m looking at YOU, Tom Clancy), nothing Christian. Thanks to an addicted family member, “Brits in Costume” is starting to wear thin. Oh, and NOTHING with a warm and fuzzy “message” or happy ending. (See first statement of this post!)

Genres more likely to grab my attention include almost anything historical, most non-space opera science fiction, most non-swords and sorcery fantasy. Lately I’ve been gorging on supernatural and horror material, which surprises me because for years they held no appeal.

Have you tried Rex Mundi? I’m not usually a fan of alternate histories, but I’m loving this one.

As far as movies are concerned, I LOVE movies based on plays. I know they’re considered too dialogue-heavy, but I like them for that very reason. Movies like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Big Kahuna, or Glengarry Glen Ross just make me happy. Maybe I should live somewhere where actual plays are shown more often. Or just read more plays.

OTOH, I’ve never really connected to film noir. I respect the genre, but unless the movie really grabs my attention, I just don’t care. I liked Chinatown and L.A. Confidential (those are considered noir, right?) but for the most part, the movie ends and I think, “Eh.”

As far as TV shows are concerned, I have a weakness for melodramatic coming-of-age sorts of shows. Stuff like My So-Called Life or The Wonder Years. I’ve heard people talking about Freaks and Geeks and immediately thought that if I bought the DVD then I’m sure I would love it.

I too am a fan of alternative history. I got into it last August with How Few Remain, and have been into it since. As long as it’s plausible alternative history, I’ll read it. I’ve always been a fan of history, so alternative history is like my dessert.

For games, I love strategic. I’m a megalomanic where I love to see my country’s color spread across the map. To have other civilizations fall under my control.

Have you ever seen Oleanna by David Mamet? If not you should rent it. I love the play and the movie is pretty decent too.

Books: Science Fiction and Alternative History. I’ve always been a fan of both history and science and to have them be the centerpiece of a story is fantastic. I love Harry Turtledove and Peter David and worship them as gods.

TV: Dramas, mostly, with a few sitcoms thrown in here and there. My favorite shows of last year were Enterprise, Jake 2.0, Miss Match, and Joan of Arcadia. The first two were sci-fi dramas, the third was a comedy drama, and the fourth is a supernatural drama.

Movies: Black comedies, drama, and historical epics, for sure. I don’t much care for comedies and action flicks don’t really do anything for me either. I prefer dialogue or, in the case of historical epics, gorgeous scenery, badass sword fights, and other assorted trappings.

Music: Metal and alt-rock, mostly, although I’ll listen to about anything. APC and Tool are my favorite bands, followed by Pink Floyd, RHCP, Michelle Branch, and, lately, Godsmack.

Games: Strategy. *Civilization *is the king of all games. Nothing’s more fun. Nothing.