favorite movies from high school

The title says it all, what are you favorite movies from the slumber party years…or if you’re a guy, from the ‘hanging out’ years? :slight_smile:

I’d say Heathers and Pretty in Pink top my list. Also Student Bodies, but when I try to look it up online I end up at porn sites. :eek:

Young Frankenstein
Logan’s Run
Star Wars
A Boy and His Dog

Sixteen Candles
Risky Business
The Sure Thing
some Buck Rogers thing we saw 7 times (god knows why)
Star Wars
Grease (saw it the day I got my driver’s license)
Saturday Night Fever
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
some Brat pack thing I’ve forgotten the title of (precedes St Elmo’s Fire)

College not high school:

Star Wars
Annie Hall
The Muppet Movie
The Empire Strikes Back

We were woefully short on “teen movies” when I was growing up. Some soapy ones like A Summer Place and Peyton Place might have teenagers, but they weren’t the focus. (Annette and Frankie were after my time.)

We watched a lot of monster movies.

Repo Man and They Live.

Ghost Busters
The Wall
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Better off Dead
Real Genius
Risky Business
Revenge of the Nerds
Animal House
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Heavy Metal

ooooh monster movies are fun, which ones?

When I was a teenager, if I really loved a movie, I liked to go see it over and over and over. I spent most of my allowance this way.

Some movies that I saw repeatedly: David and Lisa, Billy Budd, Lawrence of Arabia, The Great Escape, and Charade.

strawberrygirl writes:

> Also Student Bodies, but when I try to look it up online I end up at porn sites.

Huh? Aren’t you aware that the first place you should always look up any movie is the Internet Movie Database?:


Click on that link and put the words “Student Bodies” into the Movie/TV Title Search box and hit “go”. That will lead you to the film you want.

No, I did not know that! I was also trying to be a little funny too (5 cent laugh?)
Yet underneath my attempt for humor, I was secretly hoping for info like this…I may have the title wrong because it only pulled up one movie that was close in description. In the movie I’m thinking of the guy kills people with things like paperclips and other office/school supplies.

Reservoir Dogs
True Romance
Pulp Fiction
Taxi Driver
Star Wars 4, 5, 6
Transformers: The Movie
Blues Brothers
Anything by Woody Allen
Anything by John Woo

Yes, I was a geek in high school, too.

strawberrygirl, the film you’re talking about is clearly the 1981 film called Student Bodies that was directed by Mickey Rose and Michael Ritchie.

On TV we caught the old Universal films from the 30’s – Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy – and in theaters it was mostly the atomic mutant and SF variety – The Blob, The Day the World Ended, It Came from Outer Space, Tarantula, Them!, The Thing, Invasion of the Saucer Men, Not of This Earth, etc. We loved all of them.

I didn’t see the quintessential “teen” movie of my time – Rebel Without A Cause – until much later.

Class of '85. If you include the summer after graduation, here are the ones I remember the most fondly…

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back to the Future
St. Elmo’s Fire
Return of the Jedi
The Right Stuff

…and yes, I saw Breakin’, but I saw it with my sister during a visit to our grandparents. Does that even count?

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Rollerball (with James Caan)
Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston)
The Poseidon Adventure
The Towering Inferno
2001: A Space Odyssey

Splendor in the Grass came out the year I graduated.
Where the Boys Are

OMG. I love both these movies.

Also, This Property is Condemned.

I can’t remember any of the movies I saw in high school.

I can’t remember discussing movies with friends and classmates. So to go with movies I can remember from those years that affected me in any significant way, I’d start with:

Rebel Without A Cause
Bell, Book and Candle
The Spirit of St. Louis
The Long Hot Summer

I’m pretty sure these were high school movies, but they could have been from early college days, too. Since the OP is about high school, I won’t list any that I know were college.

I also haven’t included others that I know were from the late 50’s either because I didn’t see them as they came out (only later on TV) or they didn’t affect me particularly. But I know I’m leaving out some big ones I did see, just can’t recall without doing some searching, which would be cheating.

I didn’t see a ton of movies in high school, because I only got $5/week and I usually spent that on lunch or saved it up for clothes. I do remember seeing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure my senior year, though.
(aside, re: the OP… slumber party years? high school? Really? I remember slumber parties from elementary school, maybe even jr. high, but I don’t remember anyone having one as late as high school…and it would have seemed really weird to me if they had.)