Favorite Norse God/Goddess

There’s a thread about the Greek/Roman gods going on, so here’s one for their sweater, more dangerous, northern counterparts.

My favorite Norse god would have to be Tiw. (One of a million spellings) The god Tuesday is named for and the kind of serious hardass who would stick his hand in a wolf’s mouth on an honor pledge. Not just any wolf. A wolf that would someday eat the moon. A seriously dangerous wolf. Of COURSE he got it bitten off, but that just makes him cooler, like it did for Bruce Cambell.

What about you?


I’d have to say my favorite is Loki, the Trickster God (amongst other things).

How about Ratatosk, the squirrel who lived in the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree? His main function was to carrying abusive language from the dragon Nidhog at the bottom of the tree to the eagle at the top, and vice versa.

Not much of a god, perhaps, but squirrels aren’t exactly spoiled with a wide range of deities to choose from.

According to “What makes Cecil Adams the world’s greatest reference librarian?” (Paul S. Piper, American Libraries, February, 1995) – “How did [Cecil] get to this profession? Reportedly it was a divine calling, with the archetype of Cecil, a relative of the Norse god Odin, coming to him to ‘take the helm’.”

So I vote for that unnamed relative of Odin who talked Cecil into beginning his sacred mission.

<cough, cough>
Of course, I’m far to modest to mention the name of my favorite Norse character…


I’ll just, in pure innocence of course, sign my post like I always do!


I have to agree with bean_shadow (though I don’t understand her name :)). Loki’s the coolest. And not just because, IIRC, he helps bring about the end of the world.

Great, I messed up the quote. The corrected version, with the earlier omitted words in italics, is:

“How did [Cecil] get to this profession? Reportedly it was a divine calling, with the archetype of Cecil, a relative of the Norse god Odin, coming to him in a dream, and commanding him to ‘take the helm’.”

No doubt at all–Magni.

All the other gods have cool toys and powers: Odin has a couple of ravens, a six-legged horse, a spear, etc, Thor has his hammer, Baldur has his beauty and is invulnerable to everything except mistle-toe and so on. What does Magni get? He’s a big, strong guy with a boot. Aw, yeah. Come get some.

Write me up as being a fan of Odin.

God of war, wisdom and death, king of the gods. Hang on Yggdrasil (for 7 days, IIRC) to gain the secret of the runes, sacrificed his eye to drink of Mimer’s well of wisdom.

He even had a cool eight-legged horse, Sleipner - to say nothing of his two ravens, Hugin & Munin, and his two wolfs, Gere & Freke.

And even with all these nifty paraphernalia, he’d often travel by foot, wearing his grey cloak and a broad-brimmed hat, pretending to be a common traveller.

Pretty cool.

S. Norman

That would be the Tarnhelm, of course.

I’d wondered where that thing had gotten to.

I’m another fan of the All-Father. I like the fact that he demanded more of himself (and his followers) than he did of the other gods.

Small nitpick - nine days, not seven.

I’ll have to go with Thor, because back in the 70s when I was young and impressionable, he had a really cool cartoon show. Granted, it was the Marvel comic book version, but it still affects my choice to this day.

My favorites are Magni and Modi, sons of Thor.

One of them…Modi, I believe, was the only other god besides Thor who could lift Mjollnir (Thor’s hammer, not the Doper).

But more importantly, Magni and Modi will survive Ragnarok and create the next universe. Gotta like that!

Another vote for Loki here. You gotta love a god who’d help you short-sheet a bed.

Actually, it was Magni. Chalk one more up to the Big Guy.

I vote for Freya, goddess of fertility and war and sister of Frey. Even in this Christian era, everyone thanks God when Freya’s day arrives.

Heimdall, Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge.

Got to give it to him for steadfast determination. The guy has a work ethic that just doesn’t quit.

He’s the only really focused one among the lot of them. They squabble and plot and carry on with their own personal agendas, but he keeps them all safe and secure enough to be able to.

Also Heimdall. For that reason, another name that I have used “in other places” is Gjallarhorn.

All I know is…

I have GOT to get me some Valkyrie action someday.

I gotta vote for the hanged man, ol’ one eye hisself - Odin.

Perhaps coincidentally, two of the latest things I’ve read touch heavily upon and have interesting adaptations of the Norse myths. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry

Both are great reads.