Favorite or Best Cities in U.S. "Flyover Country"

Wikipedia has a solid definition, but feel free to expand it states that you feel qualify.

I’ll go right ahead and nominate Chicago - the classic 2nd city. Culture, music, art, architecture, food, attractions, tons of sports – it has almost everything I’d want from a major city. Where else?

Damn it. Mods, that’s Cities, not “Cites”, in the title. That’s what I get for post midnight posting.

Obviously Chicago.

Kansas City.

And if Nevada has to be considered “flyover”, Las Vegas.

QFT – nowhere else comes close between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

Denver is my favorite large city overall so I’ll vote there.

I have a soft spot for Salina, KS. Lots of great memories from that place.

I might have a chance to go to KC for the first time in decades this year. I might just get naked and slather myself in BBQ sauce.

I don’t understand how there could be a serious answer other than Chicago.

Indy is a fantastic city, with loads of culture and less feeling of danger than Chicago. Nicely done downtown, with schools and the stadium and shopping and everything.

If I had to pick a city to live in, it would be Indy.

Where else but Da Cities?

The Twin Shitties? No.


The weather is terrible, yes, but that’s hardly the issue. The Twin Shitties feel like Mayberry.

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I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for five years and occasionally go back as my wife has family there. I would gladly move back there if circumstances warranted - it’s a very nice city indeed. Most of it feels like one big suburb.

Omaha - not so much.

I was only there once but I hated it. Maybe it was because I flew in for lunch and a boring meeting, then flew out again. I’d live to give it a real chance sometime.

I read the question as being about attraction as a tourist destination, so I nominated Chicago as being sui generis – though of course there are plenty of other great tourist destinations, e.g., San Antonio, New Orleans, and even Dearborn MI (for just one major attraction).

However, if it’s about places to live in, then the field is far more open, and includes places that tourists would hardly ever go to, like Columbus OH.

Does Santa Fe count as a flyover city?

Does not compute.

Austin Texas has my heart.