Favorite Professional Sport

My favorite sport is Football. Why?

Baseball, Basketball, Hockey - take forever to get the Championship over with. These sports ruin Prime-Time TV watching taking weeks to end. Thank God, I have Cable.

Football - One Game, then it’s over. Plus I like Football better.

Live in person: Hockey

TV: Football

But all the playoffs of all sports.

I like to watch

in Person - Football and Hockey

on TV - Football

Football. The non-US kind.

Boxing, hands down. Sure, its brutal, arguably barbaric, and politically corrupt in a way that boggles the imagination.

But its also what every other sport strives to be, with less artifice and window-dressing. The whole idea of athletic competition doesn’t get any more straighforward than boxing(well, any kind of racing is pretty close, I suppose). The stories in boxing represent all the best and worst things about humanity; there is an amazing amount of real drama and pathos in the ring.

But on a functional basis, the thing I like the most is that you’re following an individual. Next year, he’ll be the same guy; he won’t change teams, move to another city, or play for a team that changes cities. Roy Jones Jr may be a jerk, for instance, but he’ll always be the same jerk; unlike the Browns, say, he won’t move halfway across the country, change his name, and be replaced by a totally different Roy Jones Jr in a couple of years.

However, I bemoan the fact that for some reason, writing about boxing brings out every sportswriter’s frustrated poetic instincts, leading to some of the worse hackneyed prose you’ll ever suffer through. And the boxing industry’s treatment of aging and retired fighters is just criminal, and I hope will change if the sport is to thrive in the future.


Football - I can no longer tolerate the animal-like dancing that goes on every single play.

Basketball - would be better if they raised the rim. How many dunks can you see in one game??? Not even remotely close to the game that was originally invented.

Hockey - excellent in person. Gets some negative points in my book because it’s indoors, is a “wintery” sport, and doesn’t take much thinking about.

Soccer - I could only watch soccer if I had children who played it.

Golf - actually, if you get “into” the players, can be okay - is outdoors, great mental game, but overall, pretty lame.

Tennis - can be VERY exciting, although lacking “team” component.

Baseball combines elements of all great sports aspects: it’s outdoors, involves strategy, and the phrase, “it’s not over 'till it’s over” really only truly applies to baseball as it’s not based on a time-clock. Plus, it has no looney half-time shows, excessive celebrations (unless you want a fast-ball in the face) or bone-chilling cold. Plus you can drink lots of beers (granted, this can be done everywhere else too).

Hockey is by far the best sport to see live. I can’t wait until it gets the full on HD treatment which hopefully will improve its watchability.

Football is the best sport to watch on TV, it just translates better. I also think it kinda sucks in person because so much time is spent with the players standing around and drinking water.

Baseball is boring live and on TV. I find it hard to believe that baseball did well during prohibition because a good buzz is the only thing that makes it passible.

Basketball, I am torn on. I used to love it on TV, growing up in Calgary didn’t give me too much chance to see it live. My problem with it is that it just isn’t the same game that I remember. The early 80’s with Bird and Magic was an era of great basketball and great teams. Now, the thug mentality has taken alot away from the game.

Soccer is another sport that I grew up watching on TV and I don’t mind watching the good stuff (European matches). I don’t know if I would ever go to a soccer game though…


20 paces.


Nitpick: duelling isn’t a sport. It’s an art. Although pistols are for dilettants and poseurs like the Alexanders Hamilton and Pushkin.

As far as pro sports, my favorite has been American-rules (NFL) football, but lately women’s basketball (WNBA) is closing in on the top spot. I like NHL hockey a lot, as well as MLB baseball and the men’s NBA.

College sports? Women’s basketball and American football are my favorites, with field hockey, softball, ice hockey, men’s basketball and baseball close behind.

My favorite sport is Sumo.

No kidding.


I absolutely love it. I watch it whenever it’s on ESPN, and I’d give anything to be able to attend a real basho in Japan.

Formula 1
Pool, if one considers it a sport
Golf is pretty boring on TV, but I love playing it.

Soccer. Nothing else comes close.

I find one game series to be a negative. The shorter the series, the bigger role that luck plays. I actually prefer the way they do things in Europe. One table, no playoffs.

I watch sports when I understand them. When something goes wrong out there, I want to know why, and usually do.

Football (American Rules) Dosn’t matter if it’s High School, College or professional. I Love Football! Spotting the screw ups here isn’t too difficult. I especialy love a great defensive game. Low scoring games have the best defences. I just love watching those Quarterbacks hit the ground (Excepting Jeff Garcia of course)

Golf. Don’t snigger. I have spent a bit if time around golfers, so I have begun to understand where the problems are when a swing goes off and can generaly spot the flaw in it. I especialy love it when ol’ Tiger gets that pout going when he’s having a bad round. It looks like he’s going to bust into tears at any moment.

NASCAR Havn’t watched much lately. But when the parts get flying it dosn’t matter who screwed up.

Olympics. Not so much for the screw ups, but a damn good reason to be patriotic! I get obsessive about Olympic coverage, and real upset when Team USA is not doind very good in the even I’d like to see because the neworks won’t show it then. Thank Gawd I’ve got a lame little black and White TV that pulls the CBC from Winsor.

Baseball. Sometimes I catch a game during the regular season, but mostly I watch the playoffs. This year the sCrubs did great for my screw up spotting unfortuanatly, I was rooting for them.

Of course I do not play a single one of these sports.

Basketball, I like the nonstop action (there is entirely too much standing around in most pro sports).

Formula 1, actual driving (unlike that “wrestling style” stuff where they turn left for hours).

Pool, especially if I can catch a 9 ball tournament.


How much can you really like a sport if you want to get it overwith? I’d much rather watch a week of tight extra-inning baseball games than Fox’s latest sleazefest.

Me, I love baseball. Despite the huge disappointent (to say the least) of the Giants, Cubs, and Red Sox the past two weeks.

Football I dig, but just haven’t really gotten into. Maybe if the 49ers tear it up like they did in the 80s, I’ll get into it.

Basketball I don’t like. Such a lack of strategy play-to-play.

Hockey- I’ll watch the Sharks if there’s nothing else on, and I can get into it. But I don’t seek it out. I would drive down to San Jose for a game if some tickets fell into my lap.

Wait, you must be a bigger fan that you say, if you’d be willing to go to San Jose! It would take something like the hospitalization of my sainted mother to get me down there… Or free tickets to the weird Egyptian museum.

Now, when they bring back the Golden Gloves at the Cow Palace, I’ll have a reason to trek south.

Hockey, by far. At it’s best, it has great speed and excitment. Plus, NHL playoffs are the most exciting of all sports. In naseball, the Yankees almost always win, in football the Super Bowl is often a letdown, and I’m just not a huge fan of watching basketball because it’s all offense. An NHL playoff series is long, intense, and sudden death overtime is just nuts. Also, not only is there always the potential for an upset, it’s a real upset, like Anaheim beating Detroit last year, not the 4th ranked team winning the World Series. In hockey, the top 8 teams in the league are often serious contenders for the Cup.

Cycling here. The Tour de France is the peak of professional sport (at least IMHO) I think it’s the only sport where 20 teams compete directly against each other at the same time.


I used to be a huge basketball fan. I think if you live in Utah, it’s kinda required. BUt then the strike happened. And then when that season started again, I realized I hated every single player on every single team except Stockton. And then I realized that the refs are an absolute joke. Oh sure, the refs in football aren’t perfect, but good god almighty…watching basketball, I kept waiting for the punchline. I still can’t watch an entire game without getting The Rage.