Favorite Queen album?

What’s your favorite Queen album?

A Night at the Opera

Sorry, but there are only 3 possible choices - and those are the first 3… Well, probably 2… :wink:

I don’t think I could make a choice between Night at the Opera, and News of the World.

I’m having trouble choosing between Night at the Opera and Day at the Races, but I’m going with Day. “Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy” and “Millionaire Waltz” are fantastic compositions; original and full of surprises. And Freddie’s voice really gets to shine on those, too.

Night at the Opera

My favorite album overall would be the only one I’ve ever bothered to own: Queen II. Oddly, though, this doesn’t include my favorite Queen song, “Killer Queen” (or even “Fat Bottomed Girls,” which may be second place).

Another vote for Queen II but i would accept anything up to News of the World as best
I like a lot of the later stuff too, but they don’t hold a candle to the first 6

Soundtrack to Flash Gordon.

I came in to say *A kind of Magic * (soundtrack to Highlander)


All right - at least 2 other sane voices out there. And if we were debating concerts, the only question would be where the Queen II tour sits among best concerts of all time. If you do not know the first 2 well, you really ought to.

I would go for Queen II or Jazz, with a bias toward the latter

Sheer Heart Attack

My first choice is The Works, mostly for* “*Machines (or Back to Humans)” and “Is This the World We Created?”.

I have to also give props to* Innuendo*, just because Freddie was already near death when it was recorded and the album still rocks.

Night at the Opera, followed by Sheer Heart Attack, The Works, and News of the World.

Queen ll

Probably News of the World. But any of the first batch would get the job done.

Mostly because ‘It’s Late’ is probably the most rocking number they ever did.

The Millionaire Waltz is rock music at its best.

No love for The Game? That’s the one that I’ve probably listened to the most (other than Greatest Hits).

Did Queen play any of the songs from Flash Gordon in their concerts?